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Squeezing a monkey in a cage in order to give her an injection, or darting and anesthetizing a chimpanzee causes terror.
One of the reasons this system works is the ability to effectively mix the three components prior to injection into the mine.
The rats' rectal temperatures lowered after the injection, and the effect lasted for an hour and a half.
Blood tests measure the amount of specific antibodies circulating in the blood after an injection of the suspect substance.
But the film's careful injection of a warm, humanist spirit into an elaborate magical realist vision sets it apart.
What he did understand was the basic injection system-how the virus propagated itself-which alone demanded an alert.
Thus, the potato vaccine had probably created memory cells that the injection activated.
For a full year after injection, the researchers will monitor the patients' cognition and vision.
Their sniffers ran on overdrive for several hours following the injection.
About six hours after injection, the cells start producing proteins that combat the damaging inflammation.
These proteins are easily isolated from milk and can be administered in pure form by injection.
Other fish, after receiving a morphine injection that blocked the impact of pain, showed no such fearful behavior.
The new high pressure injection diesels are relatively clean.
After receiving the injection, the body generates antibodies that respond to the cholera protein and the cocaine.
The team also looked at the mouse brains to see which neurons, if any, were activated after the bacterial injection.
They can also significantly increase the strength and size of undamaged muscles with little more than an injection.
In early lab experiments, obese mice given extra leptin by injection seemed sated.
The influenza vaccines can be given by injection or nasally.
And third, high pressure injection and computerized control of injection improve the overall efficiency of the cycle.
The crossover contains the fuel-injection system, and combustion and exhaust are handled in the second cylinder.
He also has injection ports, where children can simulate insulin injections.
Nuclear facilities require a huge capital injection long before any energy is generated.
In addition, there is the extra expense of building the capture plant and the injection pipelines.
Real estate around the world needs a vitamin injection to revaluate, this should be it.
It was not clear whether the water was rising to cool the reactor, despite an injection of sea water.
Amazingly, the bogus injection relieved the soldier's agony and prevented the onset of shock.
We've chosen injection molded plastic because the tooling costs are relatively low compared to stamped steel.
Barring any interventions, the injection then will be administered by a prison official, a contract employee or by a machine.
If there is no infection, a steroid injection may be used to decrease inflammation along the tendon sheath.
What is perhaps the best known remedy is the injection of insulin into the veins.
The name won't make you smile, but the injection can keep you from frowning.
The pressure of the gas and the type of reservoir can make injection and extraction cycles difficult and lengthy processes.
Afterward, each patient received his own stem cells back by injection.
When he started writhing and complaining of pain, he was taken outside for an injection.
The fuel-injection process is critical to attaining high fuel efficiency and low emissions in modern engines.

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