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It inspires the initiative that makes our productivity the wonder of the world.
The bride of good family need do nothing on her own initiative.
It was that personal character and initiative are the prime requisites in political and social life.
In my mind, these are types of management bullies' methods, whether by individual initiative or silent company policy.
The initiative was thus lost when it should have been won.
The other measure is an initiative to fix initiatives.
Rate each initiative on the basis of how it aids strategy and then implement it accordingly.
It hits many of the high spots, leaving the rest to your own initiative.
All had powerful personal motivations to make the initiative work.
Those who were able walked silently toward the suburbs in the distant hills, their spirits broken, their initiative gone.
But on her own initiative she enthusiastically and excitedly pursued science out in the field.
We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.
Emotionally, it is difficult not to have the president declare for some big, bold new space initiative.
One bold solution: a proposal to supplement private vaccine production with a federal initiative.
He took the lesson from the defeat of his health care initiative and the thumping he took in midterm elections and changed course.
Its soldiers were seldom required to display much initiative or imagination.
It is she who is the teacher and who takes the initiative.
In practice, an individual is a leader if people follow his initiative, and become apprentices in his progressive discoveries.
The initiative inflamed smokers, but many ultimately accepted the logic of tempering the habit to preserve their neighbors' lungs.

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