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Fletcher oversaw or initiated virtually every major space project of the last two decades.
Many of his problems with the law stem from proceedings that they initiated.
The moderate socialist government has initiated economic reforms.
Gradual adaptation toward a range-expansion phenotype initiated the global radiation of toads.
Researchers find that some brain tumors may be initiated by primitive stem cells.
On that hunch she initiated a guest-speaker program that immediately ignited postings and increased list subscriptions.
If anything needed to be resolved then initiated need a support to be sorted out.
Every friend request would have to be separately initiated and approved.
Research would be initiated by working scientists rather than the agencies.
Experts attribute the decline in large part to aggressive spay and neuter programs initiated by shelters and humane societies.
It is a pain to account for instrumentation differences when there are gaps between when one fails and the next is initiated.
The company initiated the monitoring after noticing suspicious activity on the network.
Unfortunately after some political intrigues the initiated work and models were destroyed or lost.
User initiated audio, except for streaming video ads can start playing with audio immediately.
It is this organization which has initiated and coordinates the movement against the oil refinery.
The government also initiated a concession scheme for sustainable management in public forests.
It seems, for now, that this publicity stunt initiated out of angst and frustration is wholeheartedly succeeding.
There was a subtle shift in mood, then the bull initiated a deliberate, wary leave-taking.
She was friendly, but rarely initiated conversation.
Methods initiated here have been copied, but not improved upon, in leading cities throughout the country.
The coming of humans to these isolated ecosystems often initiated rapid and sometimes disastrous change.
It is purely a matter of precaution at this point, initiated by her.
Especially the feedback mechanisms operant during the ice ages which get initiated by subtle changes in our orbit.
In other words, they are good discipline for some thyrsus-bearers, but the initiated have little use for them.
Priests initiated important games with offerings of incense in nearby temples.
Once the signal of excessive radiation exposure is initiated, it generally takes four to six hours for these proteins to generate.
The result was cooling, initiating the glaciation which initiated the sea-level drop.
Among fighter pilots, however, nine out of ten separations and divorces are initiated by wives.
Walters initiated brief physical contact then slammed his clipboard to the ground in the team huddle.
The university authorities, however, initiated internal proceedings against them nonetheless.
Otherwise, war has no risk and could be initiated with impunity.
As growth falls, under-performing loans will soar, and a banking crisis may be initiated.

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