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And even less has come from those who believed in the revolution and initially stayed behind.
The new bachelor's degrees were initially focused on education, health care, and information technology.
Although well worth it in terms of your health, eating healthy and organic foods can initially be tricky and time-consuming.
Initially the new theater featured a mixed bill, alternating movies with live vaudeville acts.
See below for an explanation of the changes made to this story since it initially appeared.
The cheapest bail-out in the world, as he initially called it, turned into one of the costliest.
While brazen, the automatic redirect initially placated authorities.
It initially received a rating of normal from plant operators.
The study suggests that the human and chimp lineages initially split off from a single ape species about ten million years ago.
The group that initially reported their symptoms honestly hardly changed their answers.
Initially only one of the authors had asked for a retraction.
Though the region with the aneurysm is initially wider than normal, blood swirling in aneurysm can clot.
Long-lived but initially slow to grow, peonies sulk if disturbed.
Officials initially thought all the pandas had survived and only later discovered that several were missing.
Wanting to write about her experiences, she initially set to work on a novel, but was discouraged by the form.
The incident was initially blamed on a a geomagnetic storm.
Many of their books appear to be reprints of works initially published in communist countries.
The organs appeared much clearer, and the skull fracture she initially detected was far more severe than she originally thought.
The skull was still partially encased in rock when initially studied, though.
Most of the universities that were interested in me initially arranged for a phone interview.
The researchers initially considered thawing the squid in a giant microwave oven.
In this universe, galaxies are initially moving primarily in the local direction of radial expansion.
Expats are initially excited with their new environment and fascinated by the host culture.
Initially shocking, these sights serve to inspire some of the more enigmatic metaphors of the film.
But scientists aren't sure why these first chefs initially put food to fire.
Though initially disappointing, this delay has actually proven to be a boon.
The mainstream media was initially blind to his remarks perhaps because it is used to such comments.
Some reports say that it initially flew equally well when launched backwards off of a hill.
Initially apprehensive, she has adapted to her surroundings and remains aware of what occurs around her.
Tell students that the water in the river and lake initially comes from the sky in the form of rain or snow.
Making matters worse, plant operators initially failed to recognize what was happening.
The mountains were initially covered in clouds the morning this photograph was taken.
They show that initially the embryos develop along the same pathways.
The chemical compounds were no doubt used initially based on appearance.
Some creatures that were collected were initially thought to be new to science but turned out to be already named.
Initially researchers feared there might not be sufficient ice this year for the southern harp seal population to use.
The bodies initially placed in the layer were those of elite warriors.
Ridge's embrace of change was initially unpopular among his tribesmen, but few questioned his loyalty.
The term initially seemed to suggest something faintly indecent.
He did not initially answer a question about human rights, saying it had not been translated for him.
But the copycats, because their businesses were initially built around different models, couldn't compete.
Good publishers find and cultivate writers, some of whom do not initially have much commercial promise.
Initially, there is normal muscle strength between attacks.
Initially she is annoyed by his insouciance, but she finds that she is irresistibly attracted to him.
The concept of prediction errors was initially put forward in research on artificial intelligence.
Initially, the lightning will attach to an extremity such as the nose or wing tip.
The effect was reproducible but initially considered to be unique to the fruit fly.
In this scenario, the monkeys were again initially presented with two colored targets.
If the energy from which all matter was initially derived was polarized and spinning, it could only spin in one direction.
Perhaps they're initially targeting vehicles that won't require well-balanced tires.
The bait was stored in coolers on board the boat, and initially it smelled a little fishy, but not too bad.
Initially, the whole floor was accessible because workers were camped out there.
There's no question that human ingenuity and knowledge are initially crafted by our imagination.
But roadways today are peppered with technology and designs initially developed for military applications.
Aging mice injected with stem cells lived three times as long, according to findings one scientist found initially unbelievable.
Coincidentally, that is the claim that initially hooked me on the topic.
Some initially performed well against the virus, and some did not.
The government initially tried a top-down approach, she says.
The problem is the lack of support initially for these transfer students, no matter where they come from.
Likewise, you're not obligated to work with the faculty members you initially thought would be your mentors.
Initially, such a dept seems laid back, wanting good talent.
Therefore, there was initially appreciation for his stories.
It is quite possible that this is what initially garnered this reaction from the grad student in question.
Initially, this illiquidity was attractive since it seemed to offer more alluring returns.
Initially they were seen as bail-outs for greedy bankers.
The government, which admits that it initially understood the disease only sketchily, is trying to tread gently.
Initially intending to be weekend farmers, soon they are bewitched by the raw beauty of the place and move there permanently.
Initially, the monkeys used a joystick to manipulate a robotic arm.
Initially they found that beekeepers who frequently moved their hives were more likely to be afflicted.
Such programmes yield savings in the long term, but involve upfront payments to contractors that initially offset them.
More abstract issues may be harder to think through initially.
Those wrecks will, if all goes according to plan, be detected initially by sonar.
The apparently sublime power of the volcano was largely the result of an initially supine reaction.
He studied photography in school and initially made his living as a commercial photographer.
Requires substantial tweaking to configure initially.
Though the operating system was initially positioned for netbooks, a fast growing tablet market could make for a better fit.
Scientists initially chose the mouse for sequencing because of its fundamental role in medical research over the past century.
Additionally, the number of loans that have gone bad is higher than what was initially predicted.
The people's reliance on social cohesion initially prevented looting and the hording of food.
Suicide bombing initially seemed the desperate act of lone individuals, but it is not undertaken alone.
Initially there were thousands of family names, but over time, a lot were lost or simplified.
Be open to innovative options that pop up unexpectedly, or aren't along the path you initially planned to follow.
After initially discouraging findings by other scientists, his superiors stopped his research.
These drugs, however, had not initially been developed to treat mental illness.
That's part of the reason he initially tore down his career.
The robots were initially programmed both to light up randomly and to move randomly when they sensed light.
Those findings initially fed hopes that science had nabbed a brain- ravaging killer.
There was initially a lot of excitement, but that has died down.
Since they initially drop through a low-oxygen environment, the dogs need to be given oxygen through special masks.
Their families were initially astounded and confused but eventually accepted them as boys.
The volunteers sat in pairs but initially decided on an answer alone.
Several people have mentioned to me that they initially became interested in evolution from reading these essays.
The nicotine vapor ability account affliction to your aperture or throat initially.
Initially there was a pattern of increasing realism and increasingly accurate portrayals of physical reality.
Initially, the cells that will give rise to the eyes form a single cluster.
However, the technology has several drawbacks that will initially limit its applications.
The researchers initially set out to record ion flow in a cell.
Cancer cells initially invade locally in the nearby tissue.
Consumer fuel-cell vehicles will initially cost much more than comparably sized non-hydrogen vehicles.
Alchemy's magnesium metal-air electric power storage is initially being built into buses.
Officials had initially determined that the autopsy would be delayed because of the condition of the body.
The checks initially cleared, so they mailed the tickets.

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