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Three years later, that initial challenge has turned into a way of life.
After that initial flush fades, simply nip off spent blooms and the plant will slip into another round of bloom.
Milk was not the initial idea for this property, and neither was cheese.
Towards the close of the eighteenth century, changes started in the pronunciation of initial h and wh.
Its initial success was due partly to its novelty and partly to the wide interest which the excursion itself had excited.
The chief initial source of this was labor in the army, and his pay and bounty as a soldier.
Its initial promise quickly got a cold shower of real life in the developing world.
Or even being able to turn and look out and see surroundings that weren't even visible in the initial image.
Initial impressions of the crater as a lifeless wasteland are quickly dispelled.
As new data comes in, he discards initial concepts and integrates others.
Finally, up to two years after the initial mating, disease resistance and other characteristics can be evaluated.
But large, long-term studies have mostly failed to corroborate initial signs of the cancer-fighting powers of produce.
As you might have guessed, this is a positive feedback that amplifies the initial climate perturbation.
Also, several subjects who showed an initial response to therapy have since developed progressive disease.
They found that a majority of children who qualified for an initial diagnosis had lost their diagnosis by two years later.
The initial results corroborated previous findings in similar studies.
But aftershocks were thought to be felt for no more than a decade after the initial quake.
Because of the discrete nature of this process, the initial channel of a lightning flash is called a stepped leader.
The initial text includes uninterpreted text formatting control commands.
Initial trials indicate that the drug is safe for people, although much more study is required.
Investors usually dream of instant riches when buying initial public offerings.
Its shares change hands for much less than their initial offer price.
And that negates some of the advantage of their initial cheapness.
The focus in the initial years of the forecast period will be on economic ties.
Gauging the initial impact of this cut on retail sales is tricky because many shops are in any case discounting deeply.
Finally confidence in money will be lost and an initial rise in inflation will quickly turn into a hyperinflation.
The less of your own money you put in, the better the return you get on your initial investment.
But each re-examination confirmed the initial results.
Show how punctuation is related to sense, how and when a compound word is used, the significance of capital initial letters.
Of course, after the initial enthusiasm for democracy wears off, turnout should fall somewhat in these new democracies.
In the years since, several follow-up studies have supported the initial findings of adverse health effects.
Another is to change the inflation peg to slow the growth of those initial benefits.
Furthermore, the fire-setting infrared part of the flash peaks a few seconds later than the initial burst of light.
Physicists often simplify or idealize phenomena to make them more amenable to an initial mathematical treatment.
His initial announcement about the site, over a decade ago, was met with immense skepticism.
He made notes, and initial drawings, but that is as far as he went.
His doctor then reviewed the initial laboratory results.
The initial results of her spinal tap were normal too.
Our initial suspicion was that those who were being attacked were lower-ranking than those who were not.
Alligators and many other reptiles don't have such a big initial spurt.
The secret to the technology is to not overwhelm the camera's sensors with the initial reflection from the door.
But initial trials are under way while they stake out intellectual property rights.
The second caveat is that aging won't be totally defeated by the initial versions of this technology.
Preliminary brain studies show that axons are still vulnerable even months after an initial stretch.
He has not yet incorporated the material into a working solar cell, but his initial experimental results look promising.
They can be pricey, and they won't eliminate your need for a laptop, but the initial cost leads to long term advantages.
After the initial commotion over green mangoes, a kind of truce would begin, a time of quiet anticipation.
We took a survey of initial reactions around the office.
When it was over, the partners found that they had quadrupled their initial investments.
After the initial tests, she'd done some reading and asked various doctor friends a few questions.
One reason for the initial lack of reaction to the cartoons was that they were, essentially, innocuous.
The initial visit to a factory usually takes several hours, but a follow-up walk-through can be accomplished in an hour.
He's crazy about her, or so he says, and after the initial shock he demands to know the name of her lover.
He's an artist, after all, and thought he could come up with a better image than his initial cell-phone snapshot.
The structures withstood the initial impact of the two jetliners that crashed into them after being hijacked.
Many months of initial local outreach and preparation were behind us.
Those initial speculations were confirmed by applying antibodies to the tissue that are known to react with proteins.
The initial results indicate they belong to a chimpanzee.
If a compound useful to science is found, the financial benefits will flow back to the network that provided the initial samples.
Electric propellers used for an initial boost would fold into the plane after takeoff to reduce drag.
Hundreds of computer sensors are needed to determine the exact speed necessary for the cars to clear the initial tower.
After more than seven years of trial and error, it is time to examine the outcomes of those relaxed initial eligibility standards.
One of the crucial steps in obtaining an academic position is the initial interview.
But, much to the committee's surprise, the large initial pool of prospective candidates narrowed quickly.
We encourage candidates to self-identify in their initial application.
Despite some initial interest, search committees proved not to be falling all over themselves to embrace my expertise.
Initial screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until an appointment is made.
Your initial priority as a doctoral student is to choose a direction for your dissertation.
In my humanities field, six months represents the standard for initial submissions.
Candidates selected for an initial interview will be required to travel to the campus at their own expense.
Venture capital investment, which plays a vital role in the initial funding of new technologies, has also retreated.
Now researchers are building an electronic nose that could help physicians detect the disease during its initial stages.
Initial tests of the idea were encouraging but inconclusive.
All current medications for alcoholism will only address the craving for alcohol in the initial stages of treatment.
His group has done an initial pilot study of the technology and is now in the planning stages of a larger study.
After an initial two-month evaluation period, the volunteers will continue to be monitored for months or years.
For initial treatment, apply warm compresses to the site for three days.
The initial ratings came from people expecting non-stop action, based on the promo featuring a horrific train crash.
But the book has plenty of surprises that never got the attention it deserved during the initial media blitz.
Thus, our initial humor studies were setting the stage for later research on individuals with brain disorders.
But once on my skin, this initial layer after cleansing absorbed beautifully.
No amount of bad weather could diminish my initial excitement over that wonderful house.
But there had to be a little orchestration of their initial meeting.
The problem may be that she romanticizes each adventure, so after the initial exhilaration, she's bound to be disappointed.
Their initial bliss was soon dispelled by an unwelcome development.
The bits and pieces that came out of those initial breaking news reports were tantalizing.
The events of the intervening years have fully justified our initial fears.
The initial stage, following seizure of power, was genuinely one of revolutionary enthusiasm.
It was clear that the initial charges of theft and espionage could not be made to stick.
They did so, however, with reverence for his initial wisdom and benevolence as an engineer.
The explosions were needed only as an initial excuse for these actions.
Neonatal hypoglycemia: initial and follow up management.
Intimidation was pervasive during the initial hand-wringing period.

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