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And if two die, officials say it would be inhumane to sustain an exhibit with a single elephant.
Several years later, a few courageous individuals began to protest the inhumane treatment of fat people and fat bodies.
Inside the prisons, this means inhumane overcrowding.
Animal welfare experts say the facility should be closed down because of its inhumane enclosures.
If effective, humane methods of reducing the current population are not soon found inhumane methods will be naturally applied.
What's inhumane is some of you complaining buttholes but purebreds from a breeder, rather than adopting an unwanted animal.
Of course, we'd have to discount the inhumane situation presented in the book first.
Report any inhumane treatment of animals you may witness to the local humane society.
The idea of a totally automated society seems pretty inhumane.
What was not predictable to me was the remarkably and exclusively nonhuman or inhumane focus of the discussion.
Several people declined my invitation, deeming the event inhumane.
Most advocates believe that it is inhumane to punish individuals who did not adequately grasp what they were doing.
There is a stigma against free markets, because they are seen as inhumane.
We really need to look up the definition of cruel and inhumane in the dictionary.
It's an archaic and inhumane practice that has no place in a today's society.
Trouble with that culture is that it is backward and inhumane.
Humans don t do this as it is considered aberrant and inhumane.
Gosh, the life you are living seems inhumane to me.
The inhumane conduct is, regrettably, all too widespread.
Only recently was the method of lethal injection upheld and firing squads are also widely seen as inhumane.
They have nothing to do with resolving the harm of inhumane caste practices.
Animal rights groups belittled the idea as inhumane and dangerous.
It is inhumane to use a feeder as a snack bar for cats, luring songbirds to their doom.
It brings to mind other sectors of animal agribusiness that defend obviously inhumane practices.
The games they played and the tactics they employed are seen as inhumane, illegal, and downright evil.
If you subject people to various kinds of inhumane and abusive treatment, some fraction will go bonkers.
To keep these offenders locked up for life is inhumane and unjust and serves no judicial purpose.
No, this isn't the usual oh-it's-so-inhumane argument.
These practices are not only inhumane, but can also cause food borne illnesses that can endanger public health.
Some people view trapping as a cruel or inhumane activity.

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