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Example sentences for inhibition

The process is called local activation and long-range inhibition.
The idea is that if individual neurons are more excitable, they lack inhibition.
There is, for example, a temperamental type called behavioral inhibition.
But when expressing their ideas and thoughts even in their own language, there is a high degree of inhibition.
Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis mediated by cartilage.
The body strikes a balance between stimulation and inhibition so that normal muscle tone is achieved.
But his jokes are broadly satisfying, and he launches his satirical swipes with a delightful lack of inhibition.
Normal brain function requires a remarkable balance of stimulation and inhibition.
And once they do that, they figure out a way to overcome it, because they don't feel that inhibition.
Freed from inhibition as if by magic, the characters switch partners, quit their jobs and vow to be reborn.
Several studies of humans and animals indicate that the prefrontal cortex plays a critical role in the process of inhibition.
It would be quite misleading to argue from the customary inhibition, a cultural fact, to the native temperament.
Such a powerful inhibition can only be directed against an equally strong impulse.
The tests were designed to measure their level of latent inhibition, which is the capacity to ignore stimuli that seem irrelevant.
We know booze can boost humor appreciation, since it lowers inhibition, decreases anxiety and increases positive mood.
At the same time, the violence is depicted with a startling lack of inhibition.
It may be inhibition that leads him to speak of his subject here and there as though he were speaking up for it.
Possessing a sizable fortune simply has given her license to pursue her own desire, free of inhibition.
But the formation of memories requires more than the simple firing or inhibition of nerve cells.
For verbal tasks, as was the case here, it makes sense that inhibition to the left does the trick.
Decreased activity there, the researchers suggest, might correspond to a release of tension and inhibition.
The inhibition erodes as the protein is pumped back outside the nucleus.
During this period, the inhibition of brain activity caused by alcohol is abruptly reversed.
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