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Dramatists seem to have been inhibited by the subject's technical density.
In the study, the scientists used a drug that inhibited the gene in axolotls.
The divisions then become more defined, and communication becomes severely inhibited.
Animal populations are inhibited by toxic substances, vehicles, and the loss of habitat and food sources.
Then they used a lotion that inhibited the protein in a genetically engineered mouse.
Mineral deposits tended to build up on heat-exchange surfaces, and this inhibited the transfer of energy.
Our success at surviving has provided the opportunity for evolution even as it has inhibited or stalled its actual occurrence.
The execution of the deleveraging process has inhibited economic growth in developed countries, not deleveraging itself.
It inhibited the growth of non-small cell lung cancer.
Oh, and which is inhibited by having more cortisol already in the system, in a negative feedback loop.
It is a performance but it has the effect of being an inhibited impersonation.
Bankers should have been inhibited by fear of risky behaviour.
Numerous studies have shown that parental and nurturing behaviors are mediated by prolactin while inhibited by testosterone.
The action occurred on a steeply raked stage that inhibited conventional acting.
Anxiety is a libidinous impulse which emanates from the unconscious, and is inhibited by the fore-conscious.
The entry of new firms is inhibited by regulations to protect old ones.
The country's postwar economic miracle begat a complacency that inhibited fundamental change.
For the diamond invention to survive, the public must be inhibited from ever parting with its diamonds.
When those nerves are inhibited, it's harder for the brain to recruit them into its rerouted circuits.
Scientists have also found that these bacteria are inhibited and stop growing in the presence of high levels of ethanol.
They found that green tea extracts and polyphenols--particularly those from caffeinated beverages--inhibited bacterial growth.
Researchers eventually solved the mystery-it turned out the venom inhibited an enzyme that is key to regulating blood pressure.
If the cells responsible for these violent outbursts were inhibited, it should induce mating.
The monitor signal shows that many more atoms remain excited--apparently because spontaneous emission has been inhibited.
Terrorism by the weak against the strong is only effective when the strong are inhibited by moral constraints.
The males' pheromones are inhibited so they stop doing their mating behavior.
Far from being inhibited by their loss of privacy, they glory in mutual degradation.
Children were a bit less inhibited, and plainly curious about us.
The obsession with developing new media has inhibited efforts to preserve the old.
He did not even keep a diary--To do so would have inhibited my work, he comments drily in the preface to his autobiography.
There's also a nasal spray, featuring a live but severely inhibited strand of the flu, that seems to work best on children.
In mainstream movies, words got gamier, pictures more inhibited.

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