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Again, the presence of electronic eyes did nothing to inhibit them.
The pollutants may also inhibit trees' ability to reproduce.
Both kinds of tea contain the same compound, polyphenols, which are believed to inhibit some cancers.
The laws therefore distort and inhibit economic activity.
Dysfunctional public spaces inhibit pride and make a community feel abandoned.
It tended to amplify the sorts of feelings that inhibit cooperation.
Neuroscientists are still seeking hormones that inhibit hunger, but they have other tactics as well.
Stimulant drugs typically act on parts of the brain involved in motivation, and interfere with those that inhibit our impulses.
Such bombardments would inhibit the development of biodiversity between impacts.
Far away, they actually inhibit themselves by producing missionaries.
Nothing short of the city's impending bankruptcy would inhibit it.
Your plants will thank you: rainwater is better for your garden, as the chlorine in tap water can inhibit plant growth.
Many of the ingredients can inhibit bacterial growth, thus reducing odor.
Rather than going after the virus itself, these compounds would inhibit molecules native to the patient.
No harm comes to the human host because penicillin does not inhibit any biochemical process that goes on within us.
When immersed in a language, you usually choose to inhibit the other languages you know to function in that language only.
Another consideration if they planted the same species of trees close together, they will inhibit each others growth.
But that also means that they do not have concepts to inhibit how they use data.
On the one hand, learning to inhibit and shape the expression of impulses is one of the basic tasks of human development.
Many of the bacteria close to pathogens are able to inhibit them by interfering with their quorum sensing.
Film also seems to inhibit the growth of an event that, on the stage, continually appears to be evolving into something else.
For one thing, extreme cost-cutting during a stagnant economic period will only inhibit growth.
The job insecurity tends to inhibit shopping, and so do the falling prices.
Research suggests that it may inhibit cancer-generating substances.
In the short term this will likely work to inhibit larger-scale majority investments.

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