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One is a rare inherited disease that primarily strikes boys.
The layoff article inherited by the local contracts is fairly clear.
If you have inherited an old tree, selective thinning of branches will accomplish the same goal.
For years, scientists have been reporting that a tendency to become an alcoholic can be inherited.
My family inherited a lot of furniture when the campus renovated.
Draw the symbol or symbols inherited from the corresponding round two cards.
Inherited forms of anemia may soon be treated by turning on a gene normally active only in the womb.
For a composer, an inherited popular culture can serve either as a starting point or as quicksand underfoot.
Many sons and daughters inherited their parents' strict work ethic and went on to brighter futures far from the mill hills.
Genetic tests can predict how well someone will respond to a medication and diagnose inherited diseases.
She said she had simply inherited good genes from her parents.
Pol inherited several antique rifles from his father in-law.
It suggests premeditation and epic willfulness, codified as inherited instinct.
The phenomenon would seem to make no sense in light of the evidence that g is largely an inherited trait.
They sold it to the parks after they started managing another piece the parks had inherited.
It has to do with parents' desire to have healthy kids or avoid burdening children with avoidable inherited diseases.
They are descended from animals that once lived on the land and still have features inherited from these land ancestors.
Every animal comes into the world with inherited behavior patterns of its species.
Language a cultural, not a biologically inherited, function.
He had inherited the spirit of the apostles in an heroic degree.
It cannot be inherited, and if you want it you must obtain it by great labour.
He inherited, however, but little of the martial character of his ancestors.
And given his own radical leanings and the turmoil he inherited, he has managed to steer a remarkably even course.
We get only the modern condition--his and his society's--that he poetically transformed and that we've inherited.
Turner was thirty years old and had inherited a billboard business from his father, which was doing fine.
The truly rich in the nineteen-fifties and sixties were people who had inherited money.
He is twenty-six and inherited his first bed a year ago.
Unrealism reflects an entire generation's conviction that the world they have inherited is a crummy second-rate duplicate.
Caring has inherited some of the best, and he's not messing with it.
Biologically, these results make sense, but many of these risks can be inherited too.
The cell machinery has been inherited from the first cell on down.
As insects, fleas have inherited the standard insect eye, which consists of slender columns tightly packed together.
And he's inherited some real problems from the last administration, and he's trying to solve them.
All of this talk of mathematical talent is misplaced even though there are clear, inherited differences in all human abilities.
According to researchers dyscalculia is inherited, and specific abnormalities in the brain might be a cause.
Merit was replaced by privilege and prestige could be inherited or bought instead of earned.
We inherited him when he got here and he took off as a player.
The implant is intended only for people with a specific type of inherited retina problem, who still have some functional cells.
Bush inherited a budget seen as producing endless huge surpluses after four straight years in positive territory.
He inherited a minimalist regulatory regime, and has fought attempts to change it.
Both had inherited a driving ambition from a father who did not let them rest on their laurels.
He recognised that species were mutable, and he also proposed that traits could be inherited.
The condition is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern.
Beyond those gender differences, there is strong evidence that migraine headaches are inherited.
Abnormalities on three chromosomes have been linked to inherited risk.
He inherited incoherent spending priorities, a broken procurement process and two disastrously mismanaged wars.
Pyruvate kinase deficiency is an inherited lack of the enzyme pyruvate kinase, which is used by red blood cells.
Researchers believe the flaw arises spontaneously and is not inherited.
And then there's temperament, which is your inherited traits.
The article suggested that human reproductive behavior was entirely learned, not inherited.

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