ingrown in a sentence

Example sentences for ingrown

Heck, it isn't even ingrown toenails and sinus infections.
But it beats the ingrown hairs and razor bumps that come from shaving, she says.
My podiatrist told me that my shoes have nothing to do with the ingrown.
To treat your ingrown hairs, crush two tablets into a fine powder and add a couple of drops of water to create a thick paste.
To relieve pain from ingrown toenails, try wearing sandals or open-toed shoes.
Viral warts may cause a change in the shape of the nail or ingrown skin under the nail.
Cut the nail straight across, because curved nails are more likely to become ingrown.

Famous quotes containing the word ingrown

the distortions of ingrown virginity.... more
Let's face it, we became ingrown, clannish, and retarded. Cut off from the mainstream of humanity, we came ... more
New Orleans is one of the two most ingrown, self-obsessed little cities in the United States. (The other is... more
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