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The company gave a brighter outlook for its fiscal year in anticipation of a drop in ingredient costs.
Collaboration is the key ingredient in creating new programs in computational science, say academics in the field.
Equity buybacks are a crucial ingredient of efficient capital markets.
The small, scaled bugs are listed as cochineal extract on the ingredient list.
The key ingredient of the superglue that mussels use to attach themselves to rocks, boats and piers is iron, scientists say.
The key ingredient is limestone, mostly calcium carbonate, the remains of shelled marine creatures.
Garlic paste is a key ingredient in salad dressings, rubs, and marinades.
Hardware is a crucial ingredient in the service, but it's only a piece of it.
The poisonous ingredient is phenothiazine, which may be found in a variety of medications.
The central ingredient for both, though, was whether the students actually give a rat's behind about intellectual climate.
Chlorine, the active ingredient in conventional laundry bleach, can spur an allergic reaction or irritate your respiratory tract.
The trees were also bled for their sap, or gum, used as an ingredient in paints and varnishes.
Then the chutney itself can become the essential ingredient of a rich braising sauce for pork tenderloin.
OK, so the sanitizer isn't an actual ingredient in your beer, but sometimes you may wish it was.
Methanol, the main ingredient in windshield washing fluid, is extremely poisonous.
In general, the best test for a food allergy is to omit the ingredient for a couple months and see what happens.
Petroleum products are also a key ingredient in the process of turning coca into cocaine.
Each experiment is described with an ingredient list and a few easy-to-understand steps, both in words and full-color photographs.
The steeped chicken below is an easy way to cook this essential ingredient.
But don't think of it as an exotic ingredient used in far corners of the world.
Baking soda is another all-purpose ingredient for safe cleaning.
But a heavier version, known as the strange quark, could be the secret ingredient in these stars.
Such concentrated packets not only make good eating but also make a fine ingredient in savory dishes.
The active ingredient in their spray-on hand sanitizer is thyme oil.
People with food sensitivities can obtain useful information from the ingredient list on the label.
The missing ingredient that might have turned the election into a contest was a credible opposition.
But when it comes time to make the change, contemplating the ingredient list on a bottle of hair coloring might give you pause.
When you want the dessert light and the ingredient list short, make meringues.
Salicylic acid is the active ingredient in many acne treatments, and it also reduces inflammation.
Petroleum is a hidden ingredient in hundreds of daily household items, including chewing gum.
The butter sauce is the special ingredient that makes it deliciously decadent.
The only missing ingredient of naval might was an aircraft-carrier.
Researchers are finding promising new evidence of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids, the active ingredient in marijuana.
Sweetened condensed milk is the secret ingredient in this special ice cream.
And the key ingredient of a debt crisis is not the data, but a loss of confidence.
But as you go higher, ingredient adjustments become necessary.
Growth theorists regard innovation as the crucial ingredient to sustained growth.
The mineral in question is calcium carbonate, the defining ingredient of limestone.
The other essential ingredient is money to buy medicines for the world's poorest.
Spinach is another healthy ingredient in this meal in a bowl.
The main flavoring ingredient will come as a delightful surprise and remind the recipients of summer.
Iodine is an essential ingredient of thyroxine, a hormone produced by that gland.
The missing ingredient was a fuller understanding of language itself.
Tomato ketchup, fortuitously, turns out to be one of the main sources of this virtuous ingredient.
In particular, the remains of diatoms are a main ingredient in oil.
The drug tests used detect metabolic byproducts of cannabis, the active ingredient in marijuana.
Ocean heat is the key ingredient for hurricane formation.
One ingredient that never, ever came to mind was water.
Many are shoddily made, containing the wrong dose of the active ingredient.
The active ingredient of adventure is the juice of direct experience-full participant immersion in the moment.
Corn syrup is the third ingredient after water and tomato paste.
Palm oil is a common ingredient in many processed foods.
For decades, the plant-derived chemical has been the key ingredient in meat tenderizer.
The sudden rise in demand for tequila has been met with a shortage of agave, the drink's essential ingredient.
She realized that the standard procedure of boiling and high-temperature extraction could destroy the active ingredient.
It seems that disapproving friends and family are a crucial ingredient of any stunt book.
Damaging superoxides are the key ingredient that gives migrating birds magnetic vision, a new study says.
The e-ingredient of an old-fashioned codex makes it possible to explore a new dimension of the past by capturing its sounds.
Dullness is their prevailing ingredient, and the whole point consists in mispronouncing a word or in a gesture.
As explained in your post, metal roofing products are an essential ingredient to quality build construction projects.
Pervasiveness is but half the ingredient of this complex solution.
Understanding the function of each ingredient lets you adjust your recipe to meet your preferences.
To browse photos of fennel and recipes that use it as an ingredient, click here.
Several contain ephedrine, the active ingredient in a widely advertised over-the-counter asthma remedy.
Wander into your local natural food store, and you might find a packaged fruit snack with one ingredient: fruit.
The only requisite ingredient for your own version is a bowl of any shape or color of hot rice.
To achieve perfect layers in your rolls, carefully arrange each ingredient and wrap the rice paper tightly.
The vodka drinking did not stop, and he added a new ingredient to the mix: cocaine.
The silicone evaporates quickly and helps spread the active ingredient.
The key ingredient turned out to be chemicals called terpenes, which some algae use to sicken fish that feed on them.
Magic mushrooms' active ingredient constrains control centres.
Throughout history people have prized cocoa-the defining ingredient of chocolate-a tradition that endures in our modern era.
Because a new study suggests that humans can make their own salicylic acid, which forms the bulk of aspirin's active ingredient.
Vanillin is a common ingredient in candles and shampoo.
One crucial ingredient is a nutrient called folate, found in many foods.
Some psychologists have argued that a high processing speed in the brain is a vital ingredient for intelligence.
And don't forget the self-healing rubber made from vegetable oil and a pee ingredient.
The gel's active ingredient, glyceryl nitrate, has been used for as a vasodilator for over a century.
Your vaccine ingredient list also displays ignorance.
Gays are the philosopher's stone of urban planning-the secret ingredient that turns dereliction into gold.
Until this week the politicians trying to tackle the credit crunch had done little to restore this essential ingredient.
For all its importance, the theme is only one ingredient of the finale, itself only one of four movements.
And technology is a paramount ingredient of modern defence.
It is the active ingredient in many different heart medicines.
Choose margarines with liquid vegetable oil as the first ingredient.
Toothpaste tainted with an ingredient in antifreeze.
Corn is an ingredient in everything from animal feed to cereal to soft drinks.
The magic ingredient is decidedly low-tech: personal recommendations.
Eggs are the only leavening ingredient in cream puffs, so the more egg, the more puff.
Low in fat and high in protein, beans are the choice ingredient.
Of course, it is also an important ingredient in the making of beer and whiskey.
It better highlights the quality of each ingredient.
Instead, they cite an itinerant childhood as a key ingredient in their success.
To the standard regimen of interviews, film clips and pie charts, he had the showman's savvy to add an extra ingredient: himself.
Soldiering on in the face of setbacks, after all, is a key ingredient for success.
Thus, during the first four weeks of the plan, every meal and snack will share a common ingredient.
That's the secret ingredient for an animated feature.

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