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The chemicals can leak from the cushions and then babies can inhale or ingest them, or absorb them through their skin.
Or they don't want to ingest the dead bodies of fairly complex creatures, which is apt to make them feel queasy.
And if they try to clean themselves by preening, they ingest the oil, which causes kidney failure.
Sponges have to filter about a ton of water for each ounce of food they ingest.
Wild animals can be observed going out of their way to ingest substances that they know will get them high.
Also promising is the design of molecular envelopes for chemical compounds that would otherwise be toxic to ingest.
Ingest an unidentified white pill, or a fistful if you choose.
When trolling the ocean floor, a walrus uses its coarse whiskers to locate clams and powerful suction to ingest the soft tissue.
If you want to make the acquaintance of your dinner before you ingest it, this is your place.
It can absorb toxins, making it more dangerous still to ingest.
The snakes then open wide-sometimes really wide-and ingest their prey whole.
As small animals ingest that algae, they ingest that toxin, doesn't appear to have any ill effect on them.
For more than a month, a local research hospital paid him to ingest an experimental cholesterol drug.
But even the cautious sometimes accidentally ingest them.
Air slipping along the fuselage moves slower, so the engines ingest less oxygen and burn less fuel.
Healthy woolly bears also ingest alkaloids, but only in small amounts, apparently to make themselves unsavory to predators.
Only three of the one thousand or so bat species ingest blood.
Leatherbacks also can die if they ingest floating plastic debris mistaken for their favorite food: jellyfish.
When those chemicals get into waterways, fish ingest them and become diseased.
Echinacea, an herb taken in tablet or liquid form, activates phagocytes-white blood cells that ingest bacteria and viruses.
Children ingest twice the amount of dust that grown-ups do.
The illnesses spread when people ingest contaminated water.
It breeds harmful bacteria-which they breathe and ingest while preening.
Their ability to see things is getting ever closer to that of humans, as is their capacity to ingest information and act on it.
And the more capsaicin you ingest, the bigger and better it gets.
No laws about what they shouldn't ingest, who they shouldn't marry, what kind of activities they shouldn't engage in.
Freighter-loads of them are dumped in huge slicks out at sea, internally strangling dolphins and sea turtles that ingest them.
When microorganisms ingest chemicals, those chemicals can be magnified further up the food chain.
But the new, as yet unnamed, species is among the dozen or so catfish species known to actually ingest wood.
Marine debris is a serious hazard to aquatic life that can ingest it or become entangled in it.
Shivering bears will then attempt to groom their fur by licking themselves clean, and will ingest the toxic oil.
Rats and other mammals ingest the eggs, which produce cysts mainly in the brain.
At the temperatures of permafrost, however, it would take many months for the bacteria to ingest detectable amounts.
Once sprayed with the mix, the chicks ingest the bacteria while preening themselves.
Highly doubtful another evolutionary line of development would be able to ingest our singular proteins.
Those lucky enough to ingest the spores without becoming seriously ill seem to acquire immunity.
If you accidentally ingest some, then your breath will smell appalling.
If the clinical trials are successful, individuals with celiac disease may be someday able to ingest small amounts of gluten.
Of course, the cyanide itself is no good for the fish that ingest it.
Humans and other animals with a sodium deficiency will seek out and ingest sources of sodium.
Fruit flies will purposely ingest alcohol to ward off parasitic wasps.
We then ingest that food and convert it into human energy stored as glycogen in muscles and as fats-notably around our midsection.
Methane gas isn't toxic to ingest, but it can explode.
They say this debris contains potentially harmful ingredients that fish can ingest and then transfer to people who eat them.
So definitely eat when you drink, test your blood sugar frequently, and don't ingest alcohol rapidly or in excess.
Forks and spoons will pick up more sauces and oils than chopsticks do, allowing you to ingest more of these materials.
River canoeing also is permitted, but park officials warn river adventurers not to ingest the water.
Tourists can ingest the drug unknowingly through food, drinks and cigarettes, and even sprays or powders.
If weight loss is the goal, burning more calories than you ingest over the long haul is the key to success.
And you're also correct that the mosquito would have to ingest white blood cells.
Users typically ingest steroids orally, inject them intramuscularly, or rub them on their skin.
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