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The moral reflections in these letters are elevated, and are developed with characteristic ingenuity.
The different degrees of hardship endured, and of ingenuity exercised, must likewise be taken into account.
What made the spectacle work was the ingenuity and the attention to detail with which it was rendered.
In fact, he had shown that lightning was a form of electricity, and that ingenuity could hold its own against book learning.
You'll also be able to fully leverage your creativity and ingenuity.
Fear has developed too much and is the enemy of ingenuity.
Leadership in these realms requires vision and imagination that transcends mere engineering ingenuity.
We should not miss an opportunity to capitalize on the ingenuity of individuals worldwide to provide local solutions.
Future generations will marvel at this example of human ingenuity.
Yet no such justification has come to my knowledge in this case, which seems to have exceeded the bounds of police ingenuity.
Yet with a little ingenuity, it should not be difficult to provide for safety in such places.
Most of the explosive growth of modern times derives from human ingenuity.
There's no question that human ingenuity and knowledge are initially crafted by our imagination.
Ingenuity is a necessity when resources are limited and customers have little money.
They denigrate and underestimate human ingenuity whenever the human race is faced with a serious problem.
They had not noticed the human ingenuity that incentives can draw forth.
There may be curbs on traditional forms of growth, but there is no limit to human ingenuity.
In the face of higher prices the industry has repeatedly shown ingenuity in developing new sources of supply.
Its key values are persistence, ingenuity and good humour.
Human ingenuity has not matched this increase with commensurate growth in rural prosperity.
Their ingenuity is likely to change disaster response by rich-world donors in unexpected ways.
These innovations are due to the ingenuity used in engineering, science and mathematics.
But his story is also about human kindness and ingenuity.
The government now seems to be applying a similar ingenuity to jurisprudence.
Mans creativity and ingenuity is being grossly discounted in this discussion.
Food wasn't scarce, though it took some ingenuity and the occasional suspension of the laws of science.
We define an invention as something new, created by human ingenuity.
It looks at how human ingenuity is helping to meet people's growing energy needs in sustainable ways.
They marveled at his unusual materials, his precise execution, his sheer ingenuity.
Jobs has been synonymous with the kind of ingenuity that's at the forefront of the tech industry.
But they have also spurred ingenuity among children that few toys can claim before and since.
Some successes are built on old-fashioned ingenuity.
The stunt work is exhilarating, the narrative ingenuity inexhaustible.
We are a people of boundless industry and ingenuity.

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