ingeniously in a sentence

Example sentences for ingeniously

But the toucan's beak is ingeniously designed to be both strong and light.
We should not misuse this wonderful system which nature has so ingeniously engineered.
It would indeed be difficult to imagine a plot more ingeniously and dramatically constructed.
His work was old-fashioned by the standards of the day, though rich with ingeniously bizarre examples.
To thrive, cities must be able to evolve ingeniously.
The piece was ingeniously constructed from the sounds of locomotives.
He did so by saddling them with an ingeniously difficult task.
Even without mind, it is still ingeniously varied and full of risk.
In concept, a cyclotron is an ingeniously simple device.
They are ingeniously simple and efficient devices to capture suckers.
He left an indelible impression on the state through his ingeniously designed structures and his unique approach to teaching.

Famous quotes containing the word ingeniously

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