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The success of the mini was down to its ingenious technological design.
Some of their survival strategies are nothing short of ingenious.
We have been trying for years to fix problems using our ingenious ideas.
Nature has perfected an ingenious way of turning light into chemical energy and storing it up.
Each is unique, and many of the time-travel tales contain ingenious twists.
Even for creatures as ingenious as ants, it's a device to marvel at.
To keep it from pushing the supporting walls out, the architects and builders devised some ingenious solutions.
The piece, silly but ingenious, drew gasps and laughter in equal measure.
Because any kind of amplified sound is forbidden, bullhorns included, the meetings are conducted in an ingenious way.
Something ingenious and luxuriant-a certain sparkle and frivolity-has gone out of the culture and out of them.
Here's an ingenious way to show off your favorite literary works.
Those online ads employed an ingenious variant on location-based targeting.
So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations.
It's a deeply ingenious piece of architecture, rich with ideas and virtuoso engineering.
Slang originates in an effort, always by ingenious individuals, to make the language more vivid and expressive.
It may be revolutionary, or it may be some ingenious, simple improvement that makes something work better.
The narrative, after ingenious twists, always delivers the reader to the place at which she knew she would arrive.
Today, with a clear-head, things seem more ingenious than confusing.
No spy museum would be complete without a range of ingenious and somewhat hilarious spy equipment.
Consultants are nothing if not ingenious in getting their feet on the fender.
Ingenious it may be, but commercial viability is a long way off.
But its success is built on technological superiority: protocols and open standards that are ingenious in their simplicity.
They seized the chance to invest in other companies that ingenious promoters brought to their attention.
They share the same knack for finding ingenious ways to answer unlikely questions, often by plundering forgotten troves of data.
There are other ingenious ways of side-stepping the authorities.
But air capture could provide an ingenious alternative.
Money is short, the area to be policed is vast, and the folk who make money when the trees are cut down are endlessly ingenious.
So ingenious that little insects with wings that fly could build such a compact living area.
Research groups around the world are developing ingenious robotic devices to improve people's health.
Inflation is a compelling and ingenious and influential idea, and it should be recognized.
For all the ingenious engineering with those constant-volume joints, it's apparently still easier to function at a lower pressure.
Such an ingenious regrouping would have surely helped them.
In a cold light, the plot itself seems less than ingenious, unfortunately.
Their paths cross, re-cross and tangle to the point where the plot becomes a series of ingenious mistakes and misapprehensions.
In the hands of a less ingenious star, this might mean nothing better than wall-to-wall insults.
Meanwhile a former theatrical stage manager devises an ingenious plot.
But a series of ingenious experiments have shown that many people with dyslexia possess distinctive perceptual abilities.
They seemed a coldly ingenious and impressively efficient use of a limited amount of square footage.
Ingenious as the horse's overall design is, humans couldn't resist tinkering with it.
However ingenious his pictorial puns, tropes and double meanings may be, they do not necessarily amount to much as painting.
But ingenious as it seems, the dynamo model of the sun may need some serious revision.
With the development of spring mechanisms, many intricate and ingenious models appeared.

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