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Thanks to an infusion of government funding, however, construction on a new visitor center is presently underway.
These will make another genetic infusion into the ranks of the mustangs.
But no one likes the traffic, the crowds, the sudden infusion of citified bustle and self-importance.
The energy-rich waters off the coast also draw an annual infusion of seabirds.
Strain the infusion with a tea strainer, sieve or muslin cloth and discard the herb parts.
We require an infusion of hemlock, spruce or arbor vitae in our tea.
My hand-to-fingertip messages seem to be the major thing affected by this week's chemo infusion.
These books offer exactly that kind of infusion of comic energy.
Not only does this support capital infusion, it also bloats bonuses of such college executives.
Mix remaining ingredients, and pour on gradually the hot infusion which has been strained.
There is a much larger infusion of provincialisms than might have been expected.
Rennet is an infusion made from prepared inner membrane of the fourth stomach of the calf.
How well that infusion trickles down to those who need it depends on the investment choices of those few.
It will take not only coordination and cooperation by all participants but an infusion of significant funds as well.
Infusion of calcium stimulates these packets to fuse with the cell membrane and release the neurotransmitter out of the cell.
We also need a network that gets the viral infusion started.
But the infusion of medical talent was a response to natural disaster, war, and the famine and disease that these caused.
The company is relying on another infusion of low-interest government loans to keep going.
Cash-for-work gives communities an immediate infusion of money to help kick-start economic activity.
It could be that any strong infusion from another place would help greatly.
Please send me information on this stem cell infusion.
One possibility is that the infusion of healthy donor cytoplasm might allow development to proceed when it otherwise would not.
The sodium infusion got tadpoles to regrow lost tails even if scar tissue had already formed over the wound.
They could, of course, receive an infusion of expertise by being bought themselves.
There has been something of an infusion of new blood-teachers, builders and others who have come to rebuild.
The infusion of cash has inevitably pushed up prices.
The infusion of money helps it exercise its atrophied military muscles.
Queuing up alongside pensioners claiming their modest weekly infusion, he exchanged the draft for a savings bond.
Ticket, jersey sales bring cash infusion after trades.
Both presidential campaigns are about to get a last-minute infusion of star power.
Some of the patients were in wheelchairs and others had infusion drips attached to their arms, the news organization reports.
The initial cash infusion came from each founder's savings and from family and friends.
For a developing technology business, a venture capital infusion can be the crucial ingredient that fuels explosive growth.
Malone hopes the infusion of money will send a signal to workers that the company cares about doing things right.

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