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Soak the rinds of your citrus fruits in water for several days to infuse the scent in the water.
Infuse is widely used in civilian hospitals and trauma centers around the country for spinal surgeries and to treat broken bones.
Colleges need to infuse other disciplines with science and engineering skills.
Hydrothermal vents on the planet's seafloor may infuse the alien ocean with chemical energy sources.
One method is to infuse fat-skimmed chicken broth with the essence of zingy ginger, aromatic thyme, and mellow mushrooms.
Asymptote will infuse the museum with the latest technologies.
The brown rice is cooked in vegetable broth to infuse it with more flavor.
Artists also infuse into the scientific parts the poetry, as it were.
Outdoor grilling doesn't have to infuse food with cancerous chemicals.
So the art will appear larger than life while the actors will infuse the characters with life.
As the ski and snowboard season heads into spring, it's still not too late to infuse the waning season with a bit of adventure.
He had to infuse the emotional and psychological requirements of the screenplay into buildings, landscapes, rooms.
Myth manages to infuse real-time strategy gaming with the visual dynamism of an epic war film.
Infuse the bourbon: in a jar fitted with a lid, combine the dates and bourbon.
His style was to infuse old folk songs with new rhythms and ideas.
It served as a way to infuse the room with abundant natural sunlight.
Then they replace it with a skinny tube and infuse ether.
They infuse the walls, and maybe the local water supply, with toxic chemicals.
Those magnets infuse the wire coils with energy that can be used to power mobile devices.
The proper way with tea, of course, is to infuse the leaves in boiling water until it reaches the desired strength.
Active learning situations infuse more uncertainty into the teaching process.
It can also enable artists to infuse new life into postwar artistic thinking.

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