infuriate in a sentence

Example sentences for infuriate

Because of this, they infuriate unions and law-abiding mining companies.
It's decision, one way or the other, is sure to infuriate somebody.
He garnishes the city with statues that infuriate the critics, whom he ignores.
Such claims infuriate researchers because scientific proof that commercial shark cartilage works against cancer is lacking.
The victory only seemed to infuriate his political enemies even more.
No question is more likely to infuriate or simply leave a scientist nonplussed.
Straightforward and readable, it is a book that will undoubtedly infuriate many experts with its elisions and oversimplifications.
He's someone at an otherwise friendly dinner party who can't keep himself from saying the one thing that will infuriate everybody.
The programs infuriate magicians, who fancy themselves the keepers of these secrets and the arbiters of the appeal of magic.
Local officials feel the heat of being ousted from office when they infuriate the voters.
Your policies don't make anyone feel one bit safer, they only serve to infuriate us all.

Famous quotes containing the word infuriate

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Perhaps it is of more value to infuriate philosophers than to go along with them.... more
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