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Migration: relatively infrequently detected away from breeding sites.
They are typically large and strike any one spot infrequently, but can burn entire forests, leaving only charred stumps.
Firstly, fossil lagomorph diversity is reviewed all too infrequently in my opinion, so here are a few comments.
The gas plants that replace coal would idle infrequently.
Hallmark writing jobs are so agreeable that vacancies occur infrequently.
Such excesses have not infrequently attained to tragic madness.
Often he paid large prices for works of inferior quality, not infrequently for forgeries.
Yet beyond that it comes up infrequently and receives little attention.
One not infrequently hears of bride and groom not being on speaking terms with one another.
He would be fed infrequently and irregularly, and then only with thin, tasteless meals.
Not infrequently they are partially subdivided by indentations which encroach upon their margins.
Not infrequently the joke also brings to light the solution of the problem.
Not infrequently, their colleges helped them land the jobs they had.
And he deals with controversies when they arise, which he says is infrequently.
Not infrequently, theological concepts are packaged as the conclusions of historical research.
Folks who incorrectly or infrequently cite other authors whose work they are presenting as their own.
Literature reviews only reveal completed work, and relevant conferences happen infrequently.
Time and time again, legislators mention how infrequently they hear from faculty on higher education issues.
Their infrequently published results, typically no better than monthly, are another problem.
Cows are seen so infrequently that they might be imagined to be an endangered species.
Some outfits may prosper with a few out-of-town stores that people visit infrequently, spending lots.
In that communication culture people talked infrequently and viewed a conversation as an occasion.
The benefit of item-item filtering is that this elaborate similarity calculation need only be done infrequently.
Truth is too infrequently spoken baldly to power, even in places where there is no cost or sanction for doing so.
The problem is that events of this severity come along too infrequently.
Not infrequently, this rigidity is coupled with a vital absence of empathic ability in interpersonal dealings.
Infrequently, though, that rule breaks down and fossil hunters will find the remnants of whole animals staring them in the face.
Then maybe you should blog infrequently and really thoughtfully.
The coastline was unprotected and infrequently patrolled.
If first in war, they tend to be last in peace and infrequently in the hearts of their countrymen.
But even those data which are provided not infrequently turn out to be defective.
Eventually, every single system would fail, not infrequently accompanied by the smell of burning wires.
It is not rare for spouses to work in different cities and see each other infrequently.
But in adapting it for film, he has too infrequently seen fit to leave well enough alone.
For what seems to be a variety of reasons, babies tend to blink infrequently.
If you use your cell phone infrequently, consider using a pre-paid plan.
As someone pointed out he interjected comments infrequently, and a good part of the time they were not funny or witty.
Do not define a term that is used only once or infrequently.
Penny stocks may trade infrequently, which means that it may be difficult to sell penny stock shares once you own them.

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