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The brushes require periodic, though infrequent, replacement.
Rain-traditionally scarce in this arid region-is even more infrequent these days due to several years of drought.
Fletcher said it's this warmth-not the sun's-that powers the planet's infrequent weather.
Bipolar disorder can be severe and long-term, or it can be mild with infrequent episodes.
Middle ear infections are extremely common in children, but are infrequent in adults.
However, the talk is infrequent and elliptical, and the film proceeds in a style that is stupefyingly drab and slow.
They are actions that, during your lifetime, will far outweigh infrequent monetary contributions.
It contains faintly suggestive dance routines and infrequent off-color language.
So the lapses, though they are infrequent, are greatly magnified.
Middle ear infections are extremely common in children, but they are infrequent in adults.
Though her screen appearances remained infrequent, they were always welcome, always unforgettable.
For many of us, major disasters are infrequent, but they are not all that rare.
National food-poisoning outbreaks such as that of the contaminated peanuts are relatively infrequent-four or five annually.
The needle-in-the-haystack hunt for the infrequent mutations was aided by next-generation sequencing technology.
These seasons are usually sunny with moderate temperatures and only brief, infrequent showers.
Avoid using public transportation if you're short on time because the transit options from the airport can be slow and infrequent.
First-time and infrequent visitors should pick up one of the guide maps available at the parks and hotels.
Rural destinations commonly are served by local buses, although service can be infrequent.
Snow is usually infrequent, but summer thunderstorms come up quickly.
The region has an exceptionally high number of sunny days, and rain is infrequent.
Parking is at a premium and parking garages are expensive and infrequent.
Plan ahead, because service centers can be infrequent.
Ossification of muscular tissue as a result of repeated strain or injury is not infrequent.
Errors in the reporting of such infrequent crimes have a huge effect on the headline figure.
The profits are volatile, however, and carry trades are prone to infrequent but huge losses.
Seismologists say it is vulnerable to infrequent but violent earthquakes.
LU uses safety trolleys, which explains why ultrasonic checking is so infrequent.
This, in turn, means that arrests are too infrequent.
Because transactions between businesses tend to be relatively infrequent, the seller may be uncertain about the right price.
Merrill admitted that he never learned how to read newspapers, and indeed, his references to contemporary events are infrequent.
If you leave alone small impact craters, earthquakes should be infrequent and rare.
High energy collisions are infrequent and single events.
Infrequent walkers said they would be much more likely to walk if their physical environments were more conducive for walking.
And yet, it is not infrequent to hear a wish for the old-fashioned upper servant who used to come in and help in time of illness.
The bus was one option, but its schedule was infrequent in my neighborhood.
As time goes on, contact becomes even more infrequent.
Momentary lapses into depression are not infrequent but can be mitigated with earplugs.
The fires didn't happen so quickly that they eradicated him, nor were they so infrequent that conifers had time to replace him.
Because of these ancestors' low body weight, falls would have been infrequent and not particularly harmful.
The process of fossilization is rare and infrequent anyway.
These are relatively infrequent diagnoses, but they seem highly capricious.
Although a relatively infrequent problem nationwide, woodpecker damage to homes and outbuildings can be significant in our region.
Both managers worry that the infrequent action will affect the timing of their players, especially the hitters.
The fact that you can remember this incident so vividly tells me it was fairly infrequent.
His comments were infrequent, and when he did pipe up they were often lame, lacking wit and humor.
Although infrequent, there are instances where the lack of the serial comma can change the meaning of a sentence.

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Not for Moorcock the painful, infrequent excretion of dry little novels like so many rabbit pellets; his is... more
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