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Tonga has a reasonably sound basic infrastructure and well-developed social services.
Inevitably, a thriving economy brought demands for an expanded infrastructure.
The tripod infrastructure is why there are so many grottoes and light caves.
The key was to take advantage of existing oil-industry infrastructure.
Now, e-bikes and e-scooters can share the road and the charging infrastructure, too.
High-speed rail is among the things to come out of the stimulus bill and its focus on infrastructure.
Right now, a search of many areas shows how woefully inadequate the official charging infrastructure remains.
From hacking infrastructure to a detonating a nuclear.
The main thrust would be on solar and wind energy infrastructure.
But transmission lines cost money, and utilities say investing too much more in infrastructure will cost consumers.
In dry, sandy regions, barchan dunes can disrupt infrastructure such as roads and pipelines because of their transient nature.
Unfortunately, a similar unification has yet to happen for the electronic infrastructure in a building.
The earthquake brought further destruction to the country's limited infrastructure.
One way it plans to meet this lofty goal is to build out its fiber-optic infrastructure.
But governments at all levels need to start setting policies and making investments in infrastructure for water conservation now.
In order for this movement to work, biofuels need to work within existing infrastructure in order to truly be scalable.
And all those smart phones means the infrastructure required to manage them is going to have to grow as well.
Rebuilding campus infrastructure to support mobile devices is far tougher.
The nation cannot increase the number of college graduates, they argue, without significant investment in capital infrastructure.
She/he will be responsible for building a strong team of professionals and an infrastructure to support the goals of this office.
Every city must create sustainable and necessary infrastructure.
Has the organizational skills to develop and maintain an administrative infrastructure that optimizes student learning.
Prior stints at technology companies gave him a grasp of the technical infrastructure needed.
In addition, major efforts have been made to strengthen the teaching and research infrastructure in the country.
We have the technology, the infrastructure and content.
The looting is also preventing much needed infrastructure repair work.
Solar energy can power remote areas that have little existing infrastructure.
But until now there has been little infrastructure near their protected stomping grounds.
The world's energy infrastructure is primarily based on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.
Much of the revenue goes to big infrastructure projects, and the people languish.
EU loans funded infrastructure improvements but added to the burden of debt.
The country's poor transportation infrastructure hinders economic development.
Most countries have been complacent about guarding information infrastructure.
Infrastructure covers a host of markets areas: from connectivity to cabling, switches to semiconductors.
Better infrastructure and education are needed to make the rural poor more mobile so they have an escape route.
And it is quite right for the public purse to direct and finance major infrastructure investments.
Working vacations keep costs low, with minimal infrastructure and an opportunity to do some cultural good while on holiday.
The country has had trouble restoring even the basic capacity to manufacture cement-critical to rebuilding its oil infrastructure.
People tend to underestimate the cultural infrastructure of capitalism.
To do it, he'll have to create a whole infrastructure network and a commercial market from scratch.
There are no terrific infrastructure projects sitting around, waiting to break ground next week.
That's critical for developing countries, which lack infrastructure.
The country's stark income inequality means that rural areas suffer from a lack of basic infrastructure.
All sorts of basic infrastructure, transport infrastructure, and management infrastructure aren't up to standards.
Someday, someone with minimal campaign organization and infrastructure may become the nominee.
Finally, it is now showing solid annual economic growth, and has already started investing again in its infrastructure.
All modern economies engage in some level of planning, whether it is monetary policy or infrastructure construction.
They can use its cost to say that domestic needs are too expensive to be met-health care, education, infrastructure.
Investing in infrastructure and education makes more sense.
Another has been the failure to fund infrastructure projects.
Third, this is the time to put idle resources to work by investing in education and infrastructure.
Economic growth does not come from state-led infrastructure investment.
Investment in education and infrastructure dries up.
Spending money on needed investments-infrastructure, education, technology-will yield double dividends.
Roads and communications infrastructure are not well developed.
They could provide him with the money and the political infrastructure.
Additional funds would come into the state for building highways and other transportation infrastructure.
Breakneck growth and dilapidated infrastructure have already made flooding a fact of life in many cities.
Investors in public infrastructure are running into tight-fisted bankers who are insisting they put a lot more equity into deals.

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