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Cloud computing might be an important new infra structure.
The taxes of course rise each year to expand the infra structure.
The system used a camera to include your real image in the virtual game position detection used infra-red devices.
Would be interesting to be able to detect infra-red, ultra-violet, radio wave.
Cranking out freelance articles to pay off one's marquisate bill, however, is unquestionably infra dig.
In the case of lidar, the waves are in the form of an infra-red laser beam.
With no pilot inside there is room for lots of gear: optical sensors, synthetic-aperture radar, forward-looking infra-red.
It acts to amplify infra-red emissions at some frequencies and suppress them at others.
Each laser pulse will begin as a weak infra-red beam.
The actual detection is done by infra-red light, which reflects off the user's skin and clothes.
In the electromagnetic spectrum, microwave radiation lies between radio waves and infra-red light.
One idea is to use wireless infra-red skin sensors to measure blood-count, heart-rhythm and the level of oxygen in the blood.
Elsewhere, agents have access to mobile lighting units, as well as hand-held infra-red cameras akin to night-vision goggles.
The question perhaps is how you actually extend infra-structure to people that actually need it.
In the case of lidar, the waves are in the form of an infra-red laser beam sent from a satellite.
Glover's autopsy, see infra, later confirmed that she died from strangulation.
He could barely even pretend to act as if he cared about the destruction of the great city and its infra dig inhabitants.
And there is a way of using infra-red to sense vegetation types by satellite.
Maybe you've had it, too: the awful, tempting thought born out of those teasers for infra-dig talk shows.
Danny added another hefty padlock to the cellar door and an alarm triggered by an infra-red beam.
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