informed consent in a sentence

Example sentences for informed consent

And you seemed to have missed one of the basic points of the article: informed consent.
The traditional way of dealing with such qualms has been through informed consent.
What is crucially important is really good oversight and really good informed consent.
Anything you do with them requires informed consent.
Informed consent, central to the doctor-patient relationship, requires honest doctors.
Yet children can neither refuse to take mind-altering drugs nor can they give informed consent to such drug use.
The doctrine of informed consent is meant to put patients in control of their own care.
Written and informed consent was obtained from all subjects prior to the experiments.
The need to obtain the informed consent of people whose bones are studied is not.
Doing so patronises the patient, undermines their trust, and violates the principles of informed consent.
Across medicine the standard for human experimentation is informed consent.
We could not obtain informed consent from the donor or from his family.
By law, vaccinations can only be administered by informed consent, yet compliance is mandatory.
It is part of being a knowledgeable consumer and giving informed consent.
Patients being given placebo prescriptions are being subject to medical risk for which they have not provided informed consent.
Rather, fully-informed consent based on proven scientific research is the solution.
Our system of government is built on informed consent.
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