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Really glad you're keeping us informed about new technology as it happens.
Some of the imagery in the exhibition is comprehensible to informed outsiders, while some is ambiguous or completely opaque.
He ignored her overtures, until her friends informed him that she was in a suicidal depression and taking large doses of morphine.
And he also said that he was simply gathering information about the crisis so he could be fully informed.
Still, however, to be well informed and grounded is not the whole that is necessary.
The more richly informed he is, the more he is tempted to introduce facts not strictly related to his dominant thought.
Critics of the new report argue that there can be no such thing as informed consent in the coercive environment of a prison.
We are interested in articulate, well-informed remarks that are relevant to the article.
Had policymakers focused on the income-based measure, their reaction might have been speedier and better informed.
As the market moves, the system keeps employees informed about the probability of meeting their target.
The challenge is to keep customers informed about what others are buying.
Cook suggests that well-informed and benevolent government official would help us all out to take care of the problem.
Understanding the idea of region and the process of regionalization is fundamental to being geographically informed.
Students should be encouraged to make informed guesses to answer the above questions.
For the rest of us, staying informed is probably insurance enough.
We returned to the bridge, somewhat nervously because of the rebel activity, but the elephants had not been informed.
The people who lived near the plant were not informed of the accident until days after the explosion.
Noise traders boost accuracy by increasing volume and the potential profits of informed traders.
Thus informed, the programs devote extra processing power to promising branches, and less power to less-promising alternatives.
By contrast, well-informed people are more likely to ask others for help.
She had not even informed the people who lived at a distance, to elicit such notes.
Before a jury, then, a firm is better off being ignorant than informed.
They are almost always enthusiastic, highly informed, and willing to come out and show you around.
The same ideological arrogance and willful ignorance that drove the invasion informed the crucial early months of the occupation.
He's also extremely well informed by provincial standards.
The conductor informed him that he would not be going into the city.
No one likes spoilers, but in this case, there's something to be said for the consumer's right to remain informed.
Stay informed with the latest travel news about airlines, hotels, and destinations.
When he does, he will almost certainly be informed of his release.
Advise others of important news and stay informed about company and industry developments.
Historical events informed a number of daring new plays and musicals, and triumphant returns to the stage were everywhere.
There are a few politicians who are properly informed on science but they seem to be a rare breed.
Decisions will need to be informed by knowledge of the relevant underlying science and the available technologies.
All along the way it's going to be informed by experts in the area as well as the general public.
Being informed gives them some control over their disease-and that feeling of empowerment plays a role in the healing process.
They are one tool in the growing toolbox for consumers to help us make more informed decisions.
Allowing us to make informed choices as opposed to listening to the biggest liar.
Wise people will be entertained by celebrities, but not informed by them.
If you do decide to buy a water filter at home, make sure you're making an informed decision.
Cleary a bilateral act of forgiveness is merely two mutually informed unilateral acts.
So researchers have to make guesses informed on theory and on trends observed for larger planets.
We were not informed about what was going on though.
But you do have to consider the risks carefully and see that the patients are informed of the risks.
It is important to keep non-technical people informed, so that they may be on the lookout for such things.
Zealous anti-nuclear lobbyists and a mal-informed government have created the pending energy crisis.
He's not shy about sharing his informed opinions when invited to do so.
Thousands of people were informed, he said, but they didn't necessarily draw the consequences.
Across medicine the standard for human experimentation is informed consent.
We could not obtain informed consent from the donor or from his family.
It is part of being a knowledgeable consumer and giving informed consent.
The campaign finance case has the potential to make an informed vote next to impossible.
Take a moment and listen to informed people who disagree with you.
Please keep me informed about your own exploratory research.
The sportscasters actually go places, read reports, and have informed opinions about the present.
Indeed, aside from the projections of direct military costs, all of the estimates should be regarded as informed conjecture.
It is often accurate because the articles are edited and corrected by readers who are better informed than the authors.
As much as almost any writer in the field, he created a devoted, informed audience for speculative fiction.
She encourages employees to keep their bosses informed of how the work is progressing.
People should be better informed, whether it be through school or a news story.
The same people get informed and the utilitarian principle is observed.
Travel in the day, don't travel alone, and keep others informed of your schedule.

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