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Example sentences for informative

Thanks so much for an informative and educational article.
Each of the bankers' arguments is wrong in interesting and informative ways.
Players draw cards with informative dino-facts to see which ancient bone they'll retrieve with the special tool.
The particles that once seemed impossibly esoteric have become ever more informative.
They seem to enjoy nonfiction as much as they enjoy fiction, but a lot of informative books aren't aimed at younger kids.
Entertaining, sure, even moderately informative and often correct.
Wow, what a totally awesome and informative article.
One of these targets had informative value while the other did not.
They are informative but above all entertaining, and you can see this one at the end of this post.
Thank you for this enlightening, informative article.
You've provided many an entertaining and informative topic.
Papers should include descriptive and informative details from students' research, and cite all sources used.
Experts say more informative imaging could dramatically reduce the number of unnecessary procedures.
With some thought and design-minded thinking, tests can be as informative to patients as they are to physicians.
The result is an exciting, informative and aesthetic knockout.
Find out more about the time of the rise of mammals at this informative site.
There are some great informative links to other studies on the right side of that page as well.
Prehistoric life has enough visuals to make it fun for kids, but also has some informative text.
It sticks with me now as a stunning narrative and a deeply informative history.
The promenade, which encircles the building, has some fantastic public art and informative displays-not to mention views.
Thank you for publishing this informative and encouraging article.
Supply and demand curves are still informative devices.
Whatever it is a discussion of potential causes already eliminated would be much more informative than an open mystery.
Thank you for an informative and interesting article.
Additionally, the write-ups themselves are as much entertaining as they are informative.
Thanks to all who posted the informative articles and comments.
Showcasing safety tips and proper equipment, these books are informative and action-packed.
Well done interview, informative and inspiring, thanks.
At the end of my course, all of my students know how to write an informative précis or memorandum.
Besides being more realistic, the new window sticker is also more informative.
Your comment is informative only in that it provides a textbook example of sophistry.
It was informative and useful, and also exciting and refreshing.
Many thanks for such an informative and well-written article.
The interface for recording your own sounds could be a bit more informative.
All of these things are informative and well presented, but that's not what people come here for.
Agreed, thank you for the brilliantly written, informative and delightful piece.
The blogs they turn to don't have a lot of substance in these areas, even though more informative blogs do exist.
The return to investment in terms of growth over a longer period is more informative.
Only three informative fossils dating back to this time have been found.
Having said that, the article was otherwise precise and adequately informative.
Seriously a good informative article and interesting.
Thanks a lot one more time for the great and informative article and keep up publishing these great posts in the future too.
SA has always had exceptionally clear and informative graphics within articles and that continues to be an essential feature.
Her work has appeared in informative guides on student housing cooperatives and sustainable building alternatives.
Thank you for this simple, factual, and informative article.
Its essays on the island's culture, sights, and history make for delightful and informative reading.
Thank you for an informative and easily understood article.
Thank you, this is an informative piece of writing that explains an abstract concept with finesse.
Our position-by-position market breakdowns were incredibly thorough and informative.
There are times when personal anecdote is helpful, informative, enlightening.
Each of the systems was based on different anatomical points, and some of these were not particularly informative.
The story was also presented emotionally, but was still informative.
It is playful, but in the introduction it seems forced and not terribly informative.
It's interactive, informative, and turns math into real-world application and adventure.
His briefing on the plan probably made it all sound hip and informative.
It's not all that funny, and it's not all that informative.
There's nothing more inviting and informative than that.
One game in particular has proved especially informative in both disciplines: the prisoner's dilemma.
All in all, more informative than policy-panels often turn out to be.
Some are informative, or equally informative as claims made by candidates themselves.
Thank you for your informative and well set-out description.
All are informative, original, and offer unusual insights.
Over the next several months we'll attempt to provide you with coverage that's fun, informative, and surprising.
Not too surprising either, though informative, is the fact that one of the intensifiers is generally commoner than the other.
The chart would be a lot more informative if it looked at the cost of a college education across the whole of the last century.
More informative would be the relative number of such weaknesses and the technical expertise required to take advantage of them.
We have had many informative comments, and it has been good to hear directly from several farmers.
It was even better to read it and find it informative, interesting and caring of his work.
Perhaps reading the original article will be more informative.
Still, except for that point, this an informative and enjoyable piece.
Thank you for the informative coverage of how risk taking in science communication can yield teachable moments.
The video is not highly informative, but, it is nicely told.
So, this is all a bit of an experiment, but it should be interesting and informative.
First, for a sport to really catch on in a society, it must be informative.
It's entertaining but not informative because the nature of the article is about opinion, not science.
Thanks for the stimulating and informative discussion.
Reading the above posts and article has been informative and helpful.
More or less directed by the communication staff of their own team, the cyclists try to be informative or humorous.
Gail was informative, sprinkling every star home in our sights with gossip about the celebrity in question.
But before making her argument, she offers a highly informative backgrounder on bird song.
Unfortunately unless you're a relatively straightforward combination of these three groups it isn't always too informative.
Thank you for this informative content and expressing your views.
Thank you for these informative lectures which have reignited my interest in science, particularly that of astronomy.
Great article, informative and free of any sensationalism.
The informative presentation doesn't seek to persuade.

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