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Today's economy is highly dominated by information processing and services, not by agriculture.
Information processing and telecoms witness vividly to the effect of sharp price falls.
Nature endowed us with an extra-large capacity of information processing.
The long-chain fatty acid is essential to eyesight development and seems to increase information processing in infants.
The brain is a bounded machine, an information processing device with limited computational power.
It is really quite brilliant and will open a new opportunity in individual communications and personal information processing.
Neurologists have often wondered why our information processing system is so robust to the noise that must bombard it.
What they don't say is how thermal information processing might be used.
The bee's finely tuned choreography is a virtuoso performance of biologic information processing.
Even something as simple as seeing, he explains, requires phenomenally complex information processing.
In his statement, he is stressing the information processing aspect of science.
The geometry of space-time is a construct, derived from the underlying quantum information processing.
We are looking for general laws that must govern all information processing, no matter how it is accomplished.
But generally for it to be of use for information processing, the only measurement must take place at the end.
It was a resource for information processing protocols such as teleportation, dense-coding and quantum computation.
The increased transmission speed will have profound effects on information processing in that neural circuit.
However, there may be many other aspects of dream state experiences that are not related to functional information processing.
Such miswiring could impair information processing and coordination of mental functions.

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