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For this story, fortunately, information is available from a number of continental sources.
The next day he gave information to the magistrates, and advised them to order that spot to be dug up.
The dreamer also places at our disposal further information for other parts of the manifest dream content.
Nowhere is so much information crowded into the same number of words as in a memorable speech.
The blood may be yours-but the information it contains is not.
And because he's ostensibly on the right side of the law, he's uncommonly open with information.
But a lot of the information that helps us understand and respond to the world doesn't come from these senses.
All requested information must be submitted online for your application to be considered.
But when it came to finding a new job with her master's degree in library and information studies, her strategy backfired.
It really helps to have the basic information spelled out in the same format for each applicant.
Information thieves can now go around encryption, networks and the operating system.
The information generated identified three problematic flights.
Thank you to all of those involved in providing accurate information to stop this from happening.
People are revealing personal information that a generation ago would have been known to a select audience.
It's has information about the placebo effect and it's use in shamanism and how it might be used in modern medicine.
Open-source information repositories do not require the same level of openness among its contributors.
Goals include commercialization of research and emphasis on energy, biomedicine and information technology.
Historical information necessarily is not current and is provided for your reference only.
The world now contains unimaginably vast amounts of digital information, which is growing exponentially.
So far, information technology has thrived on exponentials.
Sharing personal information online, is insignificant to the purpose of social learning.
Anyone looking for information has never been better equipped.
Most of the information that shoppers are bombarded with is visual: labels, price stickers and advertising.
The convergence of biology and engineering is turning health care into an information industry.
The government is there to ensure that the information is accurate.
It is not known what, if anything, the advertisers did with this information.
When a bird strikes a plane, identifying the species can provide valuable information.
Any meaningful genetic information at the end of the chromosome would be lost or garbled.
What these experiences drive home is that the information age is the bane of all conscientious parents.
Clean, crisp and to the point, they let the information do all the talking.
Understanding the significance of the newly-described dinosaur requires a little background information.
Even the butterfly pavilion has some interesting information about co-evolution between insects and plants.
By having their eyes directed to the right place, their brains were able to gather the information they needed.
But this is material information that changes the tenor of his story.
In the digital age, with its overabundance of information, the modern newsweekly is in a particularly poignant position.
To make sure he has the best information to make the right policy calls for the country, which is a question of my judgment.
These are both shaping our mental habits and benefiting from it, supplying information in a kind of blur.
Please call the phone number listed with the theatre for timetables and ticket information.
Follow us to receive updates, tips, and information about last-minute tickets.
Digital devices are usually used for consuming information, not creating it.
The law prohibits health insurers from using genetic information to set rates or deny coverage.
His first story was about a stockbroker who uses inside information and crosses a moral line.
New publications, experiments and breakthroughs in information technology--and what they mean.
Information technology is reducing the need for certain jobs faster than new ones are being created.
Instead of blocking attacks, a startup distracts attackers with false information.
Tracing information back to its source could help prove trustworthiness.
Information on the building floor areas of each of the city's tax lots came from the city government as well.
Neuroscientists discover a new way to determine the information content of neural spike trains.
Adding sensors to smartphones turns them into always-on recorders of medically significant information.
Digital sky surveys and real-time telescopic observations are unleashing an unprecedented flood of information.
In order to make the case for a common progenitor, pre-impact trajectory information would be necessary.
He controls his four prosthetic limbs with his thoughts, and they in turn send tactile information straight to his brain.
Our brain continuously constructs our sense of self using information from our eyes, skin and joints.
Science, as a whole, is a venture that best works when there is fluidity and an openness in how information is shared.
Most of our exploding collection of science information is junk.
The thread linking these diverse areas is the nature of information in a quantum universe.
We use strikingly little information in the process.
Whether that information will actually help improve people's health remains to be seen.
Bombing our closest neighbor pays off with a trove of information.
If they made their guesses without any extra information, the wisdom of the crowd prevailed.
Information may not always want to be free, but this is pretty much an inevitability.
Since there's no plausible way you can cordon it off you need to educate people to use the information wisely.
And any type of information that helps us understand the biology of these viruses is useful.
The more information you gain, the more rational design you can apply to vaccines or drugs.
But also, simply blacking out raises awareness but doesn't give information.
As they work, the whales talk volubly among themselves, seemingly exchanging information.
Now you retrieve the memory and store it with new information.
Given the same information, any of you could extract the same conclusions.
If you have already registered on this site, please enter that information below.
Suddenly, your mind would be full of all the information stored in the computer.
And what they are seeking is information, not more slogans.
Granted that there were obvious obstacles-intelligence agencies never share information easily for fear of exposing the source.
They exclude information obtained by torture, but permit testimony coerced by any means short of torture.
One might call it the new biographical fallacy, born of this age of too much information.
The anger was certainly there but there was scant information behind it.
McDonald's already makes some information available.
The process is called teleportation, but the information in the message is not actually moved.
But as technology evolves and new ways of delivering information emerge, some things don't change.
But sometimes these tests reveal disturbing information that doctors weren't looking for.
Information provided will be verified when redeeming a prize.
Providing false information can result in forfeiture of prizes won.
Since they are vulnerable, it is helpful to be vulnerable yourself by being open and sharing information about yourself with them.
Connects citizens and professionals to information regarding the safety and well being of children.
Provides basic information on applications and what is needed to file a claim.
Although his information was correct-and he got a raise, he was reprimanded.

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