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Education is the foremost conveyance of knowledge to help rebuff where appropriate and inform where necessary.
He set the trajectory, leaning forward and laying his trunk on the ground-as if gathering information to inform his decision.
Inform students that they will not need to go in-depth on any one article, but will simply glean as much information as possible.
We regret to inform you your poetry did not catch our ear.
The college asks that students inform the instructor within.
Stay and continue to inform and raise consciousness.
Further discoveries will inform our still-growing understanding of how these flying reptiles reproduced.
At present, private universities are not bound to inform the regulator about their establishment and operations.
Cultural shifts in politics, as well as economic ones, inform the argument.
Inform students that both sides felt so threatened by the other's beliefs that they prepared for war.
These expeditions aim to quickly register the flora and fauna in order to inform conservation decisions.
If this is true can you please inform me when they will reach my state and where.
Thanks for trying to inform and elevate the publics awareness.
Inform them it is only with deep regret that you must accept another position elsewhere.
However, the link does inform a strong commitment to ethics in business.
Inform students that some animals, such as some bats and whales, use a similar method to find out what's around them.
Therefore, it's apparent that you've been using some bad sources to inform yourself on climate change.
Other witnesses testified that agency flacks had hindered their ability to inform the public about their research.
Inform students that they will be conducting fieldwork to develop plans for renewing the place.
Inform students that people all over the world are affected by the weather.
Inform students that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, long before people ever lived.
After all, such a judgment might help inform policymakers on whether to pursue biofuels or solar electricity.
Inform students that for a long time scientists have been trying to figure out why hammerheads have hammer-shaped heads.
Generally speaking, two kinds of research inform us about issues of food safety.
Have them write articles they might publish in a local newspaper to inform the general public about their research.
Come hear how advances in medical technology inform today's understanding of dinosaur biology.
These remarkable works of art will inform and inspire visitors and scholars for generations to come.
Restricting access to tests that inform people about bad reactions to drugs could do harm.
Augmented reality would inform mechanics how to replace parts without the need for consulting a manual.
Then they stage displays to inform the public about their findings.
Goldman's failure to inform markets last year that it had received notification of a probe.
In turn, officers inform citizens about how they can help.
Many of the victims used their mobile phones to inform loved ones of their plight.
Apparently small stickers inform panic-prone authorities that the boards aren't bombs.
First, promptly inform him of your plans, to minimize his inconvenience.
The data from this debacle will inform the models of the future.
It has great potential to inform and entertain people at home and in the office.
But they also aim to inform potential students of the merits of different courses.
Inform them that they will be seeing a map that will answer this question.
Books give us big ideas and inform our imaginations, create new worlds and take us on amazing adventures.
They aren't meant to prove anything only inform the reader of what is happening in the world of science.
The president needs to inform the public that radioactivity is not as frightening as it might seem.
Inform students that countries have their own territories.
No more discussions of how science should inform policy.
It is pointless to inform the public of any imminent danger.
Moreover, the ethical aspects of literature help to inform one's conscience and deeds beyond mere sympathies.
Use of such negative words only serve to incite rather than inform.
His fellow authors were admonished to inform, to enchant and to tell a story.
Those proposals called for infected health care professionals to stop performing surgery or to inform their patients.
If this import is not particularly a pace-setter, it does leave the impression of trying to inform without leering.
Unfortunately, many high school counselors do not know or do not inform students about for profit credits not transferring.
The scientists then report back the results of the experiments to the crowd to inform future designs.
The debate should be about how to inform and protect students.
Inform the custodian of your old account that you want a direct rollover into the new account.
Being in the content business, librarians keep up with the changes and inform users about the changes relevant to their work.
You're not required to inform your supervisors if you're looking for a job.
But she was careful to stress its relevance to the university, saying faculty research could help inform the continuing debate.
Staff members discuss local landmarks and inform travelers about lesser-known facts about the area.
They want to entertain and inform readers, and then have readers return the favor.
Inform them that you have pets and ask about their vaccination and quarantine policies.
For any new type of therapy, there is always a dilemma about when to inform the public.
For any new type of therapy there is always a dilemma about when to inform the public.
It's not written with the expectation to actually inform you about a topic.
Inform yourself, stay critical and keep searching for health improving solutions.
Nonetheless, some additional points about this paper can help inform us on the nature-nurture debate.
Their job is to sell magazines to inform and let the reader make their own decisions about the content and what it means to them.
The aim of the article is to inform the reader about this controversial, yet highly quixotic idea.
Unfortunately, your biased article won't help inform anyone of the facts.
The aim is to inform and encourage choice, which in theory will raise standards.
Mobiles enable kidnap victims and witnesses to inform the police swiftly.
We will inform all candidates about the outcome of their applications.
Governments are required by treaty to inform the world about their greenhouse-gas emissions.
Experience is an excellent master, and will inform you better.
Inform me at the earliest practicable day of the time when you will embark, and such plans as may then be matured.
We inform her that she herself plays a great part in the causation of the neuroses.
But if children themselves could inform us about it they would probably give different reports.
It was the verger, who came to inform me that it was time to close the library.
Only the dream can inform us of the regression of our emotional life to an earlier stage of development.
Her memory failed to inform her on what part of the body the prying and lustful hand of another had touched her.
If that's how you feel, go and inform the police that you had this mischance: you made a little mistake in your theory.
His global experiences inform his urgent quest to stop climate change and conserve global water resources.
His readers expect him not only to inform and enlighten, but also to pontificate.
We might also question the implicit authoritarianism of laws that require all citizens to inform on each other.
One would think such mounting frustration and anger could inform a major forward-looking political movement.
It can inform your chosen ideology, but it can't make it right.
It seems to me that the story's reemergence was inevitable and necessary to fully inform primary voters about their choices.
If you are inspired to invent backstories for any of them, make sure to specify the details about them that inform your narrative.
It is an intellectual abstraction that illustrates but does not inform.
He describes how they had to inform her that her husband was dead.
Writers do not merely reflect and interpret life, they inform and shape life.
The findings could help inform new strategies for insect resistance.
She left to inform the cabin crew and secure the galleys.
Strong convictions can, of course, inform legitimate scholarship.
It is an act of total insanity, for several of those present will hurry to inform the authorities.
What a museum chooses to exhibit is sometimes less important than how such decisions are made and what values inform them.
But obviously sometimes what surprises and exhibits discordance can also inform.
He discusses how our senses inform our brain, and how these methods sometimes fail to represent reality faithfully.
Therefore it is their obligation to inform patients about them.
When you inform people about science, you are teaching them.
We regret to inform you that your world has been scheduled for demolition.
It wasn't unreasonable to suggest that one set of cycles could inform you about the others.
Ed, life is a complex chemical reaction, sorry to inform you.
Do a search for mind control and then inform yourselves that you could be next.
In order to inform the public, one has to be informed oneself.
If you wanted to inform everybody of your position, he could do it with a couple of clicks.
It was meant to illustrate a political point of view, not merely to inform.

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