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Warmer waters could also alter the flow of ocean currents and initiate an influx of cooler water in certain areas.
But for many local residents, the influx of energy developers has not been so salutary.
Sleep was what happened when you turned out the lights and stopped the influx of sensation.
One of the reasons driving this undoubtedly will be the influx of e-readers.
The resulting influx of ions in turn may modulate pathways involved in processes such as cell movement.
There would probably be a huge influx of tourists with money to spend who want to see the new ocean form.
So, the energy leakage into the smaller-scale continuum is precisely offset by the energy influx from the larger-scale continuum.
The influx of fresh vegetables would help combat obesity.
But the failure to perform didn't stop the influx of venture capital or the company's extravagant spending.
Such an influx cannot help but influence an area's culture and cuisine.
Dutch cuisine has evolved many times, due to migration from the country into cities, as well as the influx of immigrants.
Yet cheap per diem rates do not guarantee an influx of business travellers.
Churches, boosted by an influx of missionaries, are filled to the rafters.
The rapid, unplanned influx into the shantytowns has caused living conditions to deteriorate.
The influx of strangers had strained the local infrastructure and disrupted the sense of community.
Another identifies the influx of calcium into the brain cells.
Now it seems they must accommodate an influx of tens of thousands of rural migrants who have lost their herds.
The second factor is the continuing influx of workers into the emirate.
Alone, an influx of immigrants raises the supply of workers and hence reduces wages.
The influx of billions of dollars will create long queues at the trough.
The influx of immigrants from more traditional societies has helped, too, keeping divorce rates down and birth rates up.
But the influx of foreign colleges might have more interesting consequences, too.
At that time, he says, the spacecraft picked up a huge influx of radiation.
Within the last decade, the town has experienced a huge influx of people from the central city and other suburbs.
Strive to diversify the economy and limit population influx to sustainable levels.
The patronage system helps the megacity absorb the continual influx of newcomers for whom the formal economy has no use.
In such places the radium could only be supplied by an influx of groundwater.
Or there may be a sudden influx of cold polar water toward the equator.
We have indeed had an influx of students in these past hours.
It has a large influx of funding support from the outside.
But it fascinates me that some people react to this influx of amateur writers by drawing up defensive cordons.
Whole streets are dedicated to the selling of shrouds and the influx of tourists has spawned a new school of opportunists.
And third, as a reward for watching entire communities empty out, they receive a huge influx of cash.
And thanks to an influx of interest and research dollars, the pace of discovery is accelerating.

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