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But these influences on the character and quality of the confection have long been secrets.
The terrain influences the state's climate with two mountain ranges running from north to south through the state.
Most kids lack an understanding of science and an awareness of how it influences our everyday lives.
Discuss the role that technology plays in moderating environmental influences.
The country's ska, reggae and dub musical styles and influences are heard around the world.
Discuss how globalization influences economic development.
Today, however, modern influences are steadily eroding these cultural lifeways.
He notes that the moon not only controls ocean tides but influences the groundwater tables beneath our feet.
Monsoon variability in the past was driven by natural influences-such as changes in solar cycles and global temperatures.
Overall, it is a three-step chain of influence or process: consumers influence industry and industry influences politicians.
Ask them to study the geography and climate of this civilization and consider their influences on how people lived.
The researcher also believes that climate, food, and geography were major influences on hominid migration patterns.
They give you new explanations for understanding the blend of genetic and environmental influences on behavior.
At first sight, it shows little trace of scholarly influences.
Yet his work is historically of great value as marking the progress and scope of foreign influences.
Where it is a question of unfamiliar influences, even doctors are not free from such mistaken judgment.
These were the chief influences upon his work, and their enumeration serves to bring out the originality of his performance.
The drama on the re-opening of the theatres was subjected to a flood of new influences.
In this way the patient remains free from all external influences and impressions.
Consequently, it's a mixed bag of cultural influences.
Since then, he has worked to understand how the plastic influences marine life and to make people aware of the problem.
Perhaps not surprisingly, supersensitive taste influences what people eat.
Two influences shaped his career, and they could not be more dissimilar.
Mambo would not be the only new sound created from melding cultures and influences, as the bilingual exhibit explains.
Modern acts have taken to expressing their celestial influences.
Satellite data reveal how lightning influences climate.
Most attribute the gap to differences in education, health and other environmental influences.
Making an emotional face--or suppressing one--influences your feelings.
Priming our mind with thoughts of time or money influences our future behavior.
The shape of the tangles influences the properties of strings and therefore the vacuum's energy.
Certainly part of how people perceive pain depends on expectations, fears and other psychological influences.
The success of the new model comes from factoring in the core's influences as well.
Any other influences on strontium uptake, however, could interfere with this coral thermometer.
Yet some part of your brain has access to the image and influences your behavior in untold ways.
That's important, she said, because cloud cover influences when in spring sea ice begins melting.
Research has found that ritual and context influences us to eat too much with no regard for quality.
Intrinsic aging is the natural aging process that takes place over the years regardless of outside influences.
Whereby perception-watching somebody making an action-influences decisions-making the same action ourselves.
Those same evolutionary influences persist in modern life.
But in a country whose leader directly or indirectly influences all six main television channels, it is revolutionary.
Such is their diversity that it is impossible to model the full range of possible influences on their trade.
But the effect also influences other areas of business.
Many firms will pay for certification only if they are sure that it influences what consumers buy.
The government also influences his business decisions.
Cyclical influences include re-stocking: cereal stocks were run down as prices spiked and need to be replenished.
He derided politically correct claims that humans alone are magically free of genetic influences in their behaviour.
The idea that language influences thought is a profound, exciting and possibly disturbing one.
When influences are discussed, they are usually other writers of the same group, as if the rest of literature were irrelevant.
Almost every aspect of strategy fits into one of these influences.
Nor are they without their cinematic debts and influences.
Temperature influences pressure gradients influences trade winds influences weather.
But little research has been done to measure if such training actually influences students' financial behavior.
According to climatologists, atmospheric instability eventually influences geological stability.
Study-abroad officials say neither practice influences the program recommendations they make to students.
Some disputed his readings of his philosophical influences.
Both of those traits are tiny signals of larger cultural influences.
Influences of disturbance size and frequency on landscape structure.
She has found that their level of acculturation influences their shopping decisions.
The lack of non-believers certainly influences the ideational drift of the field.
The first justification influences the second, because the low value given to privacy is based upon a narrow view of the problem.
Part of this is due to cultural influences and part is due to marginal secondary school teaching of mathematics.
Minority status influences the short-list, it does not influence the hire.
Designs go through many editions and transformations, based on the influences of many people during their evolution.
Sometimes this highly influences who gets invited for an on-campus interview.
Various bad influences had put her in a downward spiral until she ended up under arrest and facing jail.
Supply and demand are powerful influences on salary.
Concepts vary from language to language as do the cultural influences that shape perception.
How it influences the imaginations of technologists.
Parents have more control than ever before over how popular culture influences their kids.
Conceptual consumption strongly influences physical consumption.
Epigenetic changes can occur randomly or from environmental influences.
Then a measurement on one immediately influences the other, somehow determining the outcome of a measurement on it.
The size of the battery packs greatly influences the price of new electric cars and plug-in hybrids.
But the disease probably has a number of causes, including environmental influences and multiple genes.
Nonetheless, we've seen how wildly price influences people's decision making about buying device.
The digestive system influences hunger in several ways.
Each node influences the state of its nearest neighbours.
When that happens, a measurement on one immediately influences the other, regardless of the distance between them.
So a measurement on one instantaneously influences the other, no matter how far apart they might be.
There's a lot more tolerance for the idea of genetic influences in individual differences.
They can to the degree that humanity influences climate dynamics.
So a measurement on one object immediately influences the other, not matter how far apart they may be.
The problem is to determine the nature of the interaction between individuals and in particular, who influences whom.
It isn't clear whether serotonin influences aggression per se or simply impulse control.
Many people don't think advertising influences them.
Proton shape-shifting probably influences subatomic interactions in ways that are not yet known.
And it seeps into the brain, where it influences behavior in a way highly relevant to understanding aggression.
The bowling ball's weight deforms the medium of the mattress, and the deformed medium influences the marble's movement.
In its normal form, the gene produces a hormone that inhibits eating and also influences hair pigmentation.
Perhaps the other one had environmental influences that set them down a different path.
Researchers continue to find it difficult to eliminate or compensate for environmental influences in their studies.
Of course the sun is the primary factor that influences our weather.
Neither are absolute cases of mind control, but both are powerful influences on how the mind makes decisions.
These twin studies are commonly used to understand the genetic influences of behaviour.
Now it's time to take a good look at our sons and their plastic influences.
Parents have always warned teenagers against falling in with the wrong crowd, those kids they consider bad influences.
But they do not tell us whether a serotonin deficit causes depression or, rather, is itself a byproduct of other influences.
But he influences a lot of people so his bringing it up is interesting.
In any case, our entire approach is to blend historical and political influences with psychological observations.
Consider the following example, which contrasts direct and indirect genetic influences.
Whichever way you interpret these data, how you live influences how you die.
Certain influences on the movement of population have, of course, long since been recognized.
They had for years contemplated a total transformation of their country by eradicating all urban influences.

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