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The authorities said he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Denial is common at the hospital because patients are often afraid they will receive lesser care for self-inflicted wounds.
We are waking up to the cruelty inflicted on animals and demanding better for them, and for ourselves.
Both sides tell of cruelties inflicted by the other.
Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen.
We are witnessing nothing less than a self-inflicted and self-authorized societal hoodwinking of the first order.
More often they can't get the psychiatric care that's necessary for the traumas that war has inflicted on them.
Eliminating these aggregates, scientists say, could potentially halt or undo the damage inflicted by these diseases.
Now a new study suggests that they could provide protection from a stroke by limiting the amount of inflicted brain damage.
The scientists then inflicted a similar wound on some adult hamsters to see if such connections could actually regenerate vision.
We need to give because unlike us the issues in underdeveloped nations are not self inflicted.
What this leaves you with is many gods but no saviour for your self-inflicted ideology.
Humankind's lengthy survival may have depended upon self-inflicted population control as painted subtly by our history.
His team of experts found that the ship's demise was self- inflicted--likely the result of a coal bunker fire.
The majority were bites, often inflicted while people were protecting their pets.
In truth, they inflicted less violence than they encountered.
At the end of this self-inflicted gavage, he could barely breathe or walk, though he professed to have enjoyed it.
Once the drought was over the bigger, stronger beaks of the drought-inflicted birds returned to being the same as the others.
They confronted a menacing robot that quickly repaired any damage they inflicted.
For all of his self-inflicted moves, it's good to see him shed a bunch of weight and get back on the court.
He seems to be the impersonation of self-inflicted torments.
The wrong inflicted upon him should be taken into account and the balance placed to his credit.
The reason for this seems to be that the pains in the back, being inflicted by the corn-spirit, can also be healed by it.
He never gave contumelious language in his anger, nor inflicted punishment with reproach.
The pain caused by punishment is pure unmixed evil, and never ought to be inflicted except for the sake of some good.
In part, this is because of the stigma it carries as a self-inflicted smokers' disease.
Debate about the best website design is the type of self-inflicted torture toward which photographers gravitate.
It may be that he was biding his time, torn between fresh ambitions and the lingering wounds that ambition had already inflicted.
Regardless of what injustices were inflicted upon you, these are things of the past and are best forgotten.
Nobody disputes the pain inflicted by ending food subsidies.
Awards are out of all proportion to the harm inflicted, and are hurting the economy.
Some damage has undoubtedly been inflicted on capacity, because the recession was spawned by a banking crisis.
These actions helped insulate the prime minister from the damage inflicted by the various scandals in his own private life.
Even if these self-inflicted wounds are avoided, the narrow focus on austerity has another downside.
Other senior ministers have suggested that the arsenic poisoning may have been self-inflicted.
Such self-inflicted damage is neither occasional nor restricted to higher policy.
At the same time, vodka has inflicted more suffering on the country than any war has.
And then there was his inability to comprehend the despair and self-negation he inflicted on others.
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
Disillusion with what the country of their birth had inflicted on their livelihoods, my parents eventually chose to emigrate.
And the fact that the church itself has inflicted torture in the past has perhaps helped to make this stricture absolute.
But while the traumas inflicted on the nation may bring the country closer, they are pulling at the expat community.
The sequence here is critical to the effort to explain a self-inflicted privation.
The damage inflicted on the woods by cutting at such a rate is a sight to behold.
The accuser has claimed that her rapists inflicted injuries by strangling, hitting, and kicking her.
The double-dip recession his campaign produced was a self-inflicted wound, a purely political event.
Most of the injuries inflicted were slight and did not result in permanent disablement.
It could sometimes ease the misery inflicted upon people by words.
It was inflicted, on purpose, by sophisticated human beings.
He was teased unmercifully by them and gave me full measure of the grief they inflicted on him.
Third, the choice to jettison legal constraints has inflicted long-lasting costs.
Then a further disaster was inflicted by the government.
In the dark, the situation was reversed, and around two-thirds of the bug attacks were inflicted on the surface fish.
One final consideration that one might have is whether the illness was inflicted by a demon or devil.
They all bear a large series of dents and cut-marks that were precisely inflicted.
The tissue damage inflicted by the rotating needle triggers a local flood of adenosine.
The physical suffering he inflicted on himself may in fact help propel him to sainthood faster than anyone before him.
The fear is not only of pain inflicted but also of unpredictability.

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