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Example sentences for inflatable

There is also a disproportionately large inflatable snowman on the roof.
Choose a game in which you're playing for a modest stuffed animal, not an inflatable kayak.
Each side of neck has white-based feathers over an inflatable bare patch.
Leopard seals have also been recorded attacking inflatable boats.
Persuade your guide to tow along an inflatable kayak to bump up the fun factor during the rapids.
Mark put the plane down, helped off-load our camping gear and inflatable kayaks, then went back to pick up the rest of our crew.
And an inflatable kayak and a gill net would have been worth their weight in gold.
We also used an inflatable raft to get around the lakes, so that appears in the photos.
Each disc has an inflatable tube running around the rim that is connected to an air compressor.
It is made up of four connected and articulated inflatable sections.
Even if that failed, said the navy, it could still use inflatable pontoons to raise the vessel.
Inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags dot the grand marble foyers.
Rather, a single artist's market may be hot and inflatable, but the overall effect is of a bubble bath.
Use earplugs, an eye mask, and an inflatable neck pillow.
Inflatable kayaks and boats with oars are alternatives to rafts with paddles.
The sandy swimming beach is equipped with an inflatable trampoline and an iceberg for climbing.
Inflatable rafts, chairs and umbrellas are provided.
Inflatable rafts with motors are also required to be registered.
Each figure holds an inflatable pool toy, such as water wings or a toy seahorse.
There were enormous inflatable creatures, metallic space-suit headdresses, and glow in the dark dancers.
It is filled with helpful instructions on how to build an inflatable boat, catch edible fireflies, and make fishing lures.
One of his favorite accessories was an inflatable flower-the kind that you buy at a toy store or variety shop.
No castaways on an inflatable raft had ever survived for so long.
Including an inflatable habitat, mining equipment to test in-situ resource utilization, and a couple of robots to run the thing.
The device is divided into cells, each consisting of inflatable rubber diaphragm and a bidirectional air turbine.
One way to keep launch costs down is to use an inflatable structure as the solar collector.
And the helmet has an inflatable liner in the side and back for a custom fit.
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