inflammable in a sentence

Example sentences for inflammable

His choreography and direction burn up superlatives as if they were inflammable.
The shock scattered its glowing contents through the car, and in an instant the highly inflammable woodwork was blazing.
Then it came to be believed that small fires could sometimes be a useful tool, keeping inflammable underbrush in check.
Petrol, another established solvent, is highly inflammable.
The authorities said an inflammable liquid was thrown through a window.
Vandalising pipes carrying inflammable liquid is hazardous.
It is generally believed that the rebels there have burned everything of an inflammable nature.
They have modified electrolytes that are inflammable.
For better fire protection, they are used instead of easily inflammable mineral oil based fluids in zones exposed to fire risks.
He collected some of this gas and discovered that it was inflammable.
Transporters of bulk inflammable liquids or compressed inflammable gases will not carry flame-producing signals.
Garments and household items prepared from cotton are inflammable.
The pine and the fir trees are highly inflammable because of the pitch they contain.
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