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Nothing can be located at a precise point in space or time, preventing the formation of a blip of infinite energy and density.
For example, gravity impacts absolutely everything, and its range is infinite.
It yields a series of infinite answers, which are meaningless.
With infinite space in infinite universes, there are no bounds on entropy.
There are an infinite number of ways the initial universe could have been set up.
None of them have an infinite choice of mates, and some individuals will inevitably end up with an inferior partner.
The impossibly dense ether has been replaced by an infinite energy density pervading the entire universe.
High-speed networks and digital libraries will give us access to infinite amounts of information.
Any point in an infinite universe can be seen as the center of the universe.
But cyclic cosmologies simply extend it over an infinite number of cycles, without any explanation.
Loathe because it creates an infinite caveat for lazy authors and screenwriters.
With infinite possibilities, everyone know matter how outlandish could be right.
In fact, this event will happen an infinite number of times.
The universe, even if its infinite, can only have a countably infinite number of worlds.
His supply of patience, let me hastily add, wasn't infinite.
Everybody with basic knowledge of science knows that the space is full of light travelling from its infinite sources.
The time and resources at his command appear to be infinite, inexhaustible.
Nature has stored up in the universe infinite energy.
Space does not exist for the reason that it leads to an infinite regress anyway you look at it.
Start with the flooring, which offers a seemingly infinite number of choices, from pavers to gravel tops to outdoor tiles.
All are games of a gambler playing with a limited stake against a house with infinite resources.
The same reality can be expressed in a number of ways that is practically infinite.
The sole reality was the national economy, which was viewed as an infinite source of supply.
Maybe it sounds crazy, but with writing it's infinity that is limiting, and the limited that allows for the truly infinite.
The light-killing blackness makes for delicate balances of impenetrable gunk and infinite depth.
There are an infinite number of answers to this important question, which is what makes reading so compelling.
It meant having a sense of infinite possibility, doing the things everyone says can't be done.
She has become a commodity for which there is an infinite demand.
But growing up by the sea, you get an idea of the infinite surface of the world, and you grow up with a number of desires.
Mastering it requires surfing a learning curve that is steep and, so far, infinite.
Worldwide, the supply of desperately poor potential migrants is essentially infinite.
In the commodity world, arbitrage can be a miraculous transaction, yielding an infinite rate of return.
Stories provide endless access into other worlds, brought forth by an infinite number of gifted minds.
All these issues, and many more besides, give almost infinite scope for argument-and for vacillation and dithering.
All promises were infinite, all things endured, doubt was on some other planet.
The beauty of paperless publishing, though, is its infinite space.
He can make new acquaintances every day, and try to soak up the infinite variety of life.
There are almost an infinite number of ways to coerce someone into some kind of confession.

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