infiltration in a sentence

Example sentences for infiltration

They contained everything that was needed to support life underground and were virtually impervious to enemy infiltration.
From there, her infiltration was a feat of feverish social engineering.
Infiltration of criminal groups requires skills honed to a fine edge, and daily life exposed to peril.
And there has always been such a thing as infiltration.
The study showed infiltration rates for moisture are almost double.
It is also simply a rule of fortress life that infiltration is much to be feared.
The researchers reasoned that this targeted infiltration ensures that nothing but tumors are illuminated.
During construction of a new home, air infiltration can be minimized with a comprehensive system and different products.
Wireless carriers are also revamping their practices to deter infiltration.
While pooling resources allowed for more effective operations, it also greatly increased the risks of police infiltration.
Many hospitalized patients have similar symptoms, including fever or signs of lung infiltration on x-rays.
Infiltration rate is typically expressed in inches per hour.

Famous quotes containing the word infiltration

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