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Unperturbed by native cells, immune fighters roar into action when viruses or other foreigners infiltrate the body.
The basic idea of the new technology is to infiltrate this coating with tiny, fluid-filled capsules.
As you gun down policemen and infiltrate buildings with your buddies, the only question on your mind will be where to shoot next.
They infiltrate online courses and secretly collect information about students by blending in with them.
One promising technique borrows a page from the enemy's book, by employing the peptides that viruses use to infiltrate cells.
Empowered by a lack of natural enemies, invasive species often overwhelm the regions they infiltrate.
Our dwellings are teeming with chemicals that infiltrate our bodies.
So the paratroopers would infiltrate via helicopter, straight onto two of the highest peaks in the district.
According to the human-rights body, security agents infiltrate opposition groups to take control of them, stifling open politics.
Water that can't infiltrate the surface runs off the land instead, exacerbating erosion.
They may try to infiltrate the insurgents, and split them into warring factions.
The army has been using these vehicles to infiltrate protests, he claims.
We can't run home to escape chemicals that infiltrate our bodies.
It can infiltrate the brain's white matter for months before causing any symptoms.
It is true that open-minded groups are easier to infiltrate.
Carter is nothing if not that-cannot but infiltrate and pervade his speeches.
He sent undercover agents to infiltrate the pirate community.
Through symbiosis, one organism can genetically absorb or infiltrate another and thereby become more fit.
They often used decentralized leadership structures that were difficult to infiltrate, co-opt, or even talk with.
These dendrimer-based devices are designed to infiltrate living cells and detect pre-malignant and cancerous changes.
To fulfil their sweet tooth, the chimps need to infiltrate and steal from bee nests, either in trees or underground.
To replicate itself, it has to infiltrate your cells and co-opt their machinery.
Some people were even saying that rebel units had circled around the city by canoe and would infiltrate that night.
If left unchecked, their handy work will infiltrate your computer, hijacking your systems for their own evil benefit.
They lie to communities to infiltrate our neighborhoods.
It has to infiltrate every nook and cranny in the country, including the village.
The units are a prime weapon in controlling riots, because they infiltrate crowds and pounce on the ringleaders.
Or you can find one of the other many ways in which to infiltrate each building.
There's the problem of trying to infiltrate a culture, or a subculture, that is closed and kind of forbidding.

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For all of us there will be those irreconcilable injuries and humiliations that persist and infiltrate into... more
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