inferring in a sentence

Example sentences for inferring

Some children will have trouble inferring meanings from the untranslated dialogue.
For example, to teach argument by sign, the textbook example is seeing smoke and inferring fire.
But economists are at no special advantage at detecting these patterns by inferring preferences from behavior.
Such a placement is ideal for inferring what properties the ancestral tick must have had.
Statistical research has rigorous, agreed-upon standards for generating a sample and inferring beyond it.
And they are inferring obliquely that fascism deserved its fate.
Inferring a direct causal link between climate change and any specific flood or hurricane is unscientific.
It is also contradictory, inferring that oil will be under federal control in one section, and regional control in another.
The approach of inferring what happened from clues is fun.
And yet there are immediate problems looking at relationships between body and brain size, and inferring expectations.

Famous quotes containing the word inferring

Science gives us the grounds of premises from which religious truths are to be inferred; but it does not set about more
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