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The food they received was inferior to what the whites got.
Socially inferior males also got the ejection criteria, as females gave dominant males the advantage.
One in five confessed that the inferior quality of the samples might be compromising their data.
The tile is crooked and warped, its inferior grout as porous as a sponge.
When they fail to learn the material in the course and end up inferior on the job market, it won't be my problem.
They will get an education, but for many of the reasons given in the comments above, it will be substantively inferior overall.
Some of our ancestors are clearly inferior to us, with smaller brains and apelike countenances.
None of them have an infinite choice of mates, and some individuals will inevitably end up with an inferior partner.
Those that had inferior competencies replicated less.
That's something that makes me inferior when it comes to choosing partners.
The physicians have simply been taught to look at nurses as inferior.
It doesn't do wonders for your country's ego to brag about your inferior products.
Blends do not attempt to stretch a better wine with an inferior one.
Other useful signals came from the inferior parietal lobule, an area of the brain known to help guide the movement of limbs.
It is as though a news-stand carried two versions of every magazine-one costly, the other inferior but free.
No one wants to have a car dashboard malfunction because of an inferior part that cost only a few pence.
The evolutionary logic behind the argument that resistant organisms are inferior is seductive.
Indeed, some small growers produce inferior stuff that is thin and acidic.
Even paying a little less, for a vastly inferior product, is a false economy.
But the upshot is that diners end up paying near-restaurant prices for a vastly inferior experience.
Evil, that is, has every advantage but one-it is inferior in imagination.
Before its division it gives off the inferior hemorrhoidal nerve.
Sometimes there are two foramina on the posterior surface, or one on the posterior and another on the inferior surface.
The inferior thyroid artery crosses behind the lower part of the vessel.
Between it and the inferior border is a groove, the costal groove, for the intercostal vessels and nerve.

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