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Example sentences for inferences

Bergen now drew some good inferences and found the only winning play.
There are many useful inferences that might be drawn from this research.
Model how to make inferences to complete the first item.
One cannot make any broader inferences about unbound object density based on that paper, one way or the other.
There are inferences to be drawn when the bidding takes an unexpected turn.
And scientists are no better at drawing inferences than anyone else.
What is truly astonishing is that from the map you can also make some inferences about cultural proximity.
Journal entry about the use of inferences from maps to make judgments.
All of the evidence for the existence of dark matter both observational and experimental is based on indirect inferences.
They can also be used to learn and practice valuable reading skills, such as making inferences and recognizing symbols.
The weighted combination of all is bound to produce rather tricky if not meaningless totals and inferences.
Then have students try to come up with some examples of fossil evidence to make inferences about possible animal interactions.
Inferences are then made from the physical phenomena in order to give clients answers.
The struggle for this modern age is to draw inferences from the data that are accurate.
Encourage them to explain how making inferences helped them understand what they read.
And yet that doesn't stop her from drawing her own inferences.
They were no doubt mindful of mistaken inferences in the past.
The modern scientists think that knowledge of mind is got by experimentation and drawing inferences from them.
So, the result is definitely in question and inferences doubted.
These inferences are not substantiated by the facts.
Such differences certainly exist, but drawing inferences from them is not as easy as it may appear.
From my inferences with many unknowns and a lot of uncertainty.
Their silence might encourage observers to draw even less-flattering inferences.
Drawing inferences and presenting them as facts are favorite methods of distortion.
Readers infer them from the text and in turn use their inferences to shape their interpretations.
The witnesses' off-the-cuff inferences about the day's second plane crash are fascinating.
They learn how to read and draw inferences from undigested material.
Critical thinking across disciplines involves the ability to make inferences and draw conclusions.
Real persuasion requires evidence and logic-true premises, and valid inferences.
From the degree and frequency of the dimming, the scientists are able to make inferences about the planets.
Emphasize that students will need to make inferences about the information in the article.
Have students to explore additional relationships and make inferences.
Tell students that, as they did in the backpack activity, paleontologists make inferences about the evidence they uncover.
Certainly, it was only necessary to draw the inferences from this dream in order to get at its interpretation.
Half cannot draw inferences from what they read, or give any scientific explanation for familiar phenomena.
As such there is no statistical base to make valid inferences between these two nations regarding these matters.
That's why so many students around the world are not able to read and understand, interpret and make inferences.
Our inferences about planetary motion would be all wrong.
And yes your on the right track in your inferences as this particular field is wide open for exploitation.
These inferences allow him to make conclusions about people's behavior, both on a small and large scale.

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