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The proper inference from our work is not that one group is more enlightened, or less.
The inference was that the little missile would soon be fired.
Invite volunteers to share the writer's words, what they added from prior knowledge, and the inference they drew.
My inference would be that your letters of reference have also arrived.
The nature of statistical inference is such that results must be accompanied by measures of variation.
Coming in at the time he did, this was a reasonable inference on his part, but he was still mistakenly targeting the wrong guy.
Intelligent design is an argument by inference, and the example that proponents dote upon is the bacterial flagellum.
Unfortunately the question remains more a matter of inference than of open exploration.
The final text was constructed, word by word, from the extant manuscripts and by inference from the lost manuscripts.
These can include an automatic negative inference about the missing information, dismissal of the case, or heavy fines.
Not only is such inference wrong, but it also paints those who have only understood half the energy business as smart thinkers.
But, in doing so, the inference is that it is then fine for motorists to use hands-free devices to make calls while on the road.
Neither side has a sufficiently large sample size to be able to make any causal inference from it.
They sometimes extend the same inference to the mind itself, in its internal operations.
But the law of universal causation, on his view, is itself an inference from a number of particular cases.
He is not mistaken with regard to the ideas he actually perceives, but in the inference he makes from his present perceptions.
If this inference is correct, then the research provides support for a plausible scenario for the origins of life.
Quantum chromodynamics is entirely built on inference, conjecture and speculation.
Pretty silly, really, to draw deep inference from modern human behavior.
Statistical inference a long studied, well understood, and universally applied in both applied and theoretical science.
Making such an inference now would be a look back bias.
Considering the outrage over the experimental use of placental stem cells, this inference should be avoided at all costs.
It is essentially an inference to the best explanation.
If the real universe is more lumpy or inhomogeneous than this, the inference of acceleration need not hold.
As noted in the letter above until recently estimating mutation rates was a matter of inference.
That's an inference--and a particularly poor one since it relies on an outdated theory of evolutionary change.
And that leads to the inference that some of these tumors must go away.
Correlation is not causation, but correlation is necessary for an inference of causation.
It is an illegitimate inference to conclude that the theology you were raised to believe is necessarily everyone's theology.
It's an inference from the characteristics of this cloud of ice grains that is now being seen by the cameras.
Second, if you're terrified about what ancestry inference might tell you, probably you should see a shrink.
If this inference is correct then it is an amazing instance of demographic expansion and replacement.
The inference was clear: our early ancestors were savanna born and savanna bred.
We used simulation-based inference to identify the historical model best fitting our data.
Good teachers help their students draw the proper inference from the evidences.
As stated in the report, this area of research does not attempt to make any inference about future temperatures.
Beliefs are shallow markers to group affiliations, not deeply held axioms which serve as starting lines for chains of inference.
Present the facts not inference that leads to fact by majority hypothesis and theory.

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