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It will retrofit a building with new air filters, to keep infectious germs from spreading.
Climate change and emerging infectious diseases don't check in with immigration officials.
To a biologist, the proposition that a protein could be infectious is radical.
They've never lived densely enough to be seriously threatened by an infectious outbreak.
From avian flu to cholera, infectious diseases may not be able to hide for long.
Its mouth was infested with infectious bacteria that persist in modern birds.
The risk of infectious disease outbreak after a quake is usually relatively low.
These countries also have among the highest burden of infectious diseases.
Nurse sharks may help detect-and treat-anthrax and other infectious diseases.
Migrating animals might decrease the spread of bird flu and other infectious diseases.
Today, about one in three people worldwide dies of infectious disease.
The terms contagious and infectious are not synonymous.
But it underscores the bigger fear: that the disease might mutate and become broadly infectious.
Bacteria can change into more infectious and deadly organisms after a stint in space, a new experiment suggests.
Waterborne and insect-transmitted infectious diseases get a big boost from climate change.
Most infectious diseases are spread by bacteria or viruses, which use genes to copy themselves.
Acute infectious jaundice is now epidemic in this country for the twentieth time in seventy-two years.
Staff at clinics could use it to screen people for infectious diseases.
Still, the preponderance of the evidence seems to remain with the infectious protein hypothesis.
But the infectious prions fold differently than the normal prions.
With infectious enthusiasm, he describes them, from their earliest known incarnations to their place in the modern world.
Infectious agents are not the only causes of fever, however.
Part of the problem is that prion diseases don't fit into the usual categories of infectious illness.
Even out in the bush the celebratory mood is infectious and moving.
Perhaps it's somehow easier to talk about infectious disease than toilets.
Poliomyelitis is an infectious disease caused by viruses.
Most human infectious diseases originated in animals.
Infectious diseases may have an unexpected weakness: their own propensity for laziness.
Vaccines have accomplished near miracles in the fight against infectious disease.
Similarly, donors are screened for infectious diseases as blood donors are, a time consuming and expensive process.
Protease inhibitors prevent a virus from creating infectious copies of itself.
Meanwhile the threat of infectious diseases still looms large.
Adenovirus remained infectious after crossing species barrier.
Scientists have discovered only one other case of infectious cancer.
Infectious bacteria have evolved through the loopholes in almost every drug we've created, thanks to our own misuse and overuse.
Yes, it is highly infectious and easily aerosolized.
Malaria is an infectious disease caused by parasites in the blood system.
Number of emerging infectious diseases reported worldwide.
Some human cancers are infectious in the sense that they are caused by infectious viruses.
Think of this type of worm as an infectious disease that shows immediate symptoms.
The industry also worries about the infectious nature of sectarian tensions.
Remembered for his infectious smile, dapper attire, and magnetic personality.
Against those defects, the book's enthusiasm is infectious.
He extends his infectious enthusiasm for archaeology to the public through speaking engagements, film, and other media.
We will miss her infectious enthusiasm and generous spirit.
The deadliest weapon in the world today is not a nuclear bomb or an infectious agent, but a machine gun.
Her infectious smile is emblazoned on our hearts for eternity.
The experience gave him an enduring fascination with infectious diseases.
Infectious disease experts cautioned that the goal was overly optimistic.
TB is the number-one infectious disease killer in the world.
One finds himself in the same position to the neurosis as the doctor to an acute infectious disease.
It will be perfumed with other incense, than the infectious stuff which is imported by the smugglers of adulterated metaphysics.
Infectious diseases and the increase and migrations of population are also now plainly seen to be world-wide concerns.
Our works of fiction and poetry have been overshadowed by the same infectious gloom.
But while the casualties continue to mount, so does scientific understanding of this nasty infectious disease.
Creating treatments for infectious diseases of the poor is not an obvious way to riches and happy shareholders.
Researchers are also working on needle-less vaccines and jabs against non-infectious diseases such as certain cancers.
Sport, too, joined in the infectious excitement and jumped at my feet and barked at every splash that the big fish made.
Scientists have long known the disease is infectious, but nobody understood what caused it.
It was indeed infectious-and grim, urban living conditions fueled its spread.
Infection with the virus results in a rash similar to smallpox, but less infectious.
The animals harbor the lice and fleas that spawn serious diseases such as typhus, trichinosis, and infectious jaundice.
Gal has an incredible voice and infectious personality.
The pair has since started a label and switched coasts, and their band continues to churn out infectious punk-rock music.
Indeed, infectious conviviality suffuses the entire place.
They put him in an infectious-disease ward and denied him visits from his partner.
Health officials say there's a faster treatment for people who have tuberculosis but aren't infectious.
The fear of infectious disease outbreak is mounting amid the humid rainy season and delay of debris cleanup.
It also can be dangerous due to exposure to infectious diseases and parasites.
It is also a leader in the research and treatment of blood disorders and infectious diseases in children.
But every year, the prognosis for infectious-disease patients gets a bit grimmer.
His audacity is breathtaking, his imagination infectious, his humor as vicious as it is delectable.
The live laugh is more infectious than a laugh track.
There is something of an infectious spirit to the handmade community.
Prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding reduces the risk of infectious diseases in infancy.
Knowing the genetic sequence of a deadly, infectious strain may enable it to be recreated through reverse engineering.
His enthusiasm was infectious among many different kinds of people.
She is especially interested in the cultural conditions that prompt infectious diseases to emerge, return or get worse.
Second-generation inhibitors are already in development, and the enzyme will likely be a target for other infectious diseases.
The fleas feed on an infected rat and soon become infectious.
The dancing, kneeling and twirling to the music were at times humorous, but also quite infectious.
Cyclosporine moderated the response while not suppressing the immune system's reactions to truly infectious agents.
By his own account he had a great time writing it, and for the first few hundred pages his creative excitement is infectious.
As he told stories, his own infectious laughter often interrupted him.
The virus destroys the immune system that protects the body from infectious diseases.
The artist's excitement was infectious and his comments fascinating.
His enthusiasm is infectious, his every sentence infused with a joy that defies translation.
Current methods of diagnosing an infectious disease can take days to weeks.
The sensitive detectors could screen for cancer, pathogens, and other genetic or infectious diseases.
But it should be noted that such a diet increases the risk of influenza and other infectious diseases at every stage of life.
Today, microbiologists often try to grow the infectious agent in the lab and run various tests to identify it.
They are also investigating the possibility of using a similar system for other types of infectious diseases.
Even then, concerns about ethics and infectious disease must be addressed.
So negative actions seem to be more infectious than positive ones.
These findings suggest a new way to view the evolution of infectious disease.
One of the challenges in fighting infectious disease is that researchers cannot watch individual pathogens inside living animals.

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