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Rose mosaic virus is transmitted through infected rootstock or budwood during the commercial propagation process.
In late autumn or early winter, clumps of tan mushrooms may appear around the bases of infected plants.
If the infestation is light, cut off and burn infected stems and branches.
In their panic, the recently infected fled from the dying, unknowingly carrying the disease with them to neighboring communities.
By noon, my e-mail inbox was choked with messages from students who claimed to be infected.
Not surprisingly, after such intense long exposure, the president's staff has been infected.
But then, still a long time ago, another kind of inflection infected the verbs.
Then again, the factory line mentality is something that has infected our students as well.
Postmodernism has so greatly infected the field, that modern philosophers find themselves having little to say.
If the message is malicious, you will find your computer infected by a virus.
Indeed, more than three weeks after discontinuing treatment, the infected mouse cells remained free of prion infection.
Sixty-three percent of the influenza-infected mice developed the flu and then also contracted middle ear infections.
The two infected groups had nearly the same levels of virus in the blood.
Any attempt to picture what is happening in the infected cell must necessarily therefore be provisional and oversimplified.
More than a million bats of six different species have perished so far and infected caverns continue to be discovered.
One of the only ways to relieve this pain is by dipping the infected area in the local water source.
Ideally, the embryo is infected and the virus multiplies.
The fixed nature of the burrows means that not every infected site may have to be fumigated.
Mice were trained to identify feces from bird flu-infected ducks by smell.
The researchers described the virus after identifying it in the swollen lymph nodes of infected patients.
The plague was spread by fleas, which often fed on infected rats, and then bit people.
But the team has found that many deformed frogs are infected.
The boxes were for breeding rats, the vehicles for fleas infected with plague.
Humans get the virus from contact with the infected pigs.
The leading theory is that it was picked up by people who hunted or ate infected chimpanzees.
Researchers have to continuously adjust these factors until the model best mimics real data collected from infected areas.
The otters become infected when they eat the contaminated seafood.
Most people are infected through bites or scratches.
Most deaths have been linked to human handling of infected poultry.
What it means is that many children are infected with malaria more than once a year.
The disease is frequently caught by coming into contact with infected animal urine or water contaminated by it.
Though many of the infected show no symptoms, others develop peptic ulcer disease or one of several types of cancer.
Septicemic plague, which spreads in the bloodstream, comes either via fleas or from contact with plague-infected body matter.
Humans typically catch rabies after being bitten by an infected animal, usually a dog-and the infection usually stops there.
She begged for money for food but greed had infected too many minds.
So when something got infected, the answer was often to cut it off.
But a new study finds that human viruses have infected and killed gorillas.
People typically begin showing symptoms within one to three weeks after being infected.
Scientists don't know how many others might be infected.
He appears mad indeed but to a few, because the majority is infected with the same disease.
It was his delight chiefly to attend those who were sick of contagious distempers, or infected with loathsome ulcers.
It is quite possible that computers infected with this malware may also be infected with other malware.
Inspectors marked infected trees throughout the nation.
When the mice were infected with prions, ubiquitins collected in their brains.
But remember that people also suffer from infected food in almost every city, every day.
But the process is slow and infected with corruption.
There is also concern about the accuracy of the number of people reported to be infected.
Cells with the particular human protein shrugged off this threat, but those without it were infected.
Once exposed to tissue samples containing prostate-cancer cells, the viruses infected them.
Before then, it had been thought that the virus could be transmitted to people only by infected mosquitoes.
The infected material must then be cleaned out completely and the drilled section filled in.
In private, and insisting on anonymity, one of the doctors conceded that over half of his patients were infected with the virus.
Globalisation provides ever more opportunities for mosquitoes and infected humans to carry the disease by land, air and sea.
In these a computer is overwhelmed with bogus requests for a response sent from infected computers.
More importantly, preliminary results suggest they are effective at extending the lives of prion-infected mice.
In addition, the risk that children may become infected can reduce parents' interest in investing in their education.
It is tantamount to a complete personality transplant for the infected cell.
The memoirist's habit of stealing credit from others to burnish his crime-busting image has infected the narrative.
The researchers then tested these four compounds in mice that had been experimentally infected with prions.
Their presence appears to stimulate wound healing as well as offer an antibacterial effect to infected skin.
When infected animals are burned, a host of new poisons go airborne.
Presumably, the cookie was looking to see what sorts of products those it had infected might be interested in buying.
The outbreak was blamed on infected tomato plants sold at garden stores.
He was taken to the hospital, where tests later showed that his catheter had become infected with antibiotic-resistant staph.
And the jail, properly understood, is a hospital for these exceptionally infected persons.
It lives on kitchen-counter surfaces for days, and the consequences of being infected by it can be truly disastrous.
Moreover, there was reason to believe that the site of the plate was infected.
It was as if she'd been infected by some strange virus and couldn't help herself.
Two more unsuspecting adults infected with the joy of crawling through a cardboard fort with a band of life-size puppets.
Autopsies performed on infected bees have found almost every virus, bacteria, and pathogen known to affect bee health.
Throw the gloves out as soon as you reach your destination-but only after donning fresh ones to remove the infected ones.
The scientists then injected the virus into mice, which immediately became infected and died.
In this way, one infected cell soon becomes billions.
If you want an unsentimental view of what an infected marriage can do to those conceived within it, try this film.
We may be infected with a virus for which there is no cure.
People who are infected become zombies that prey on the living.
She has almost certainly infected some of her children.
In this pandemic, millions are already infected and thousands are dead.
If they are able to use only their own money, these countries will be forced to write off those who are already infected.
Or that other areas were not deluged with infected water.
To be sure of being contagious, it is safest to be infected.
Those infected with it move about somewhat slowly and seem emotionally disengaged.
Instead, the field's vices seem to have infected him.
Mice that were infected with bird flu and three days later were injected with the treatment exhibited no symptoms of illness.
She did a spinal tap so she could get some fluid out of his spinal column to see if it was infected.
Doctors are rediscovering a disgusting but true bit of folk wisdom: maggots make a great cure for infected wounds.
In studies on rats, scientists have found that infected rodents lose their fear of the scent of cats.
Then they mixed it with unlabeled prion protein isolated from scrapie-infected hamster brains.
Dressing a wound may stop the bleeding, but it can't tell you whether the cut has become infected.
However, this also makes tumor cells more susceptible to viruses, which replicate inside the infected cell until it bursts.
When that molecule holds a bit of a virus, it's a signal to other cells that the cell is infected and needs to be destroyed.
Preliminary research suggests that infected animals with the gene had lower rates of virus replication in their cells.
Once the worm spreads, an attacker could use it to give commands to the infected meters such as to shut down.
They then pumped the solution through one channel as infected blood was pumped through the other.
Their goal is to eliminate all of the bacteria in an infected root, since it is normally sterile.
It boggles my mind that mathematicians have infected the sciences with their infinity nonsense for so long.
It's well known that health care workers are at risk of contracting tuberculosis because of their exposure to infected patients.

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