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Example sentences for infatuated

Reporters grew infatuated with the idea of a tiny piece of software knocking out big mainframe computers worldwide.
Of all the high-ranking samurai's cultural pursuits, none infatuated them as much as the tea ceremony.
Sports fans are infatuated with their heroes and are eager to know every detail pertaining to their lives on and off the field.
She's infatuated by a guy who may or may not be dead, and who certainly isn't a good boyfriend either way.
Over the past several years, a community of developers and fans infatuated with the games and styles of yesteryear has developed.
And yet, mysteriously, he often became madly infatuated with someone he had picked up.
Scientists are infatuated with the idea of revolution.
Working a summer job as a projectionist, he became infatuated with movies.
And when you're infatuated, you sometimes can't think straight.
The bear had no mate and had become infatuated with her while she was out gathering fruit.
Infatuated with a neighbor who works in a clothing store, he concocts a counterfeiting scheme to enable him to get close to her.

Famous quotes containing the word infatuated

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