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Example sentences for infantile

Serial casting is something that may be used in children with infantile scoliosis only.
But the next day, childlike wonder gives way to infantile greed.
The painted clown acted out childish behaviors and infantile pleasures.
Perhaps a better adjective than feminine is infantile.
Such an approach is infantile and has nothing to do with scholarship.
But the expulsion of infantile vomit is unique in a number of ways.
They are the people you insulted with your infantile, self-serving swipes at a belief system you refuse to understand.
There are a myriad number of directions these things can go and to cast sides is infantile and polemic.
Your sense of humor is both infantile and potentially dangerous.
We need somebody to say the unsayable, to act out our infantile vindictive wishes, to be never at a loss.
Perhaps polio's other name, infantile paralysis, had something to do with it.
The movie executives seen here are infantile, self-involved and arrogant.
He's infantile and so volatile that he has no center at all and no boundaries.

Famous quotes containing the word infantile

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