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Your article on infanticide illustrates how silly evolutionary explanations of human behavior have become.
Infanticide by incoming males is common in other species.
She helped win acceptance for selfish-gene interpretations of infanticide among primates, including humans.
They have even been observed in recurring acts of infanticide.
The biologists agree that infanticide by subordinate females may occur in a larger number of species than has been reported.
Infanticide is also common in some dolphin populations.
The prosecutor's accusation was infanticide by strangling.
We do not permit prisoners on hunger strike to refuse sustenance, nor parents of mentally impaired children to commit infanticide.
Parental neglect has, in fact, turned into infanticide.
Infanticide is a contributor and gets little coverage.
We definitely missed a few windows as well as committed some infanticide.
The horror of infanticide often leads society to create more victims by responding with anger and punishment.
There was nothing pathological about langur infanticide, she suggested.
Anthropologists have long recognized that infanticide used to be common in many human societies.
Among traditional hunter-gatherers the average family size was small due to prolonged lactation and frequent infanticide.

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