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Tests to detect cancer-causing mutations are still in their infancy.
Such precision farming using satellite-based intelligence is in its infancy.
Unfortunately, artificial photosynthesis is still in its infancy.
The art of forecasting space weather is in its infancy.
Given that the market is in its infancy, such estimates should be treated with caution.
The missile-defence scheme remains in its infancy, and is likely to cost more than current plans envisage.
Yet, if the current pace of innovation in the field is anything to go by, wireless technology is still in its infancy.
The economics of incorporating employment considerations into regulatory policy is in its infancy.
But the market for plug-in hybrids is in its infancy.
The economics of the new commons is still in its infancy.
He admits it is difficult to make accurate comparisons, because the research is still in its infancy.
Quantum dots are still a technology in their infancy.
But the field is still in its infancy, and commercialising the edge of scientific research is a hazardous business.
The self-drive car-rental business is in its infancy, although optimists believe this will change.
But cloud computing is still in its infancy, and setting standards too early could hamper innovation.
But hybrids are still in their infancy, and the cost of their components is set to come down.
Yet they are in their infancy, partly because of resistance from jealous bureaucrats.
Another idea, still in its infancy, is finding ways to tailor the story to the reader by providing different levels of detail.
Compared with conventional television, both are in their infancy, and both are heading in the same direction.
As global databases remain in their infancy, individual country studies become important if they qualify as crucial cases.
Nearly all technologies in their infancy are crude and expensive.
Special education and training may begin as early as infancy.
Brain growth takes place while in the womb and during infancy.
Blood pressure is usually higher in the arms after infancy.
In infancy, scrofulous lymph nodes were found in his neck and attributed to the tuberculosis of his wet nurse.
And at that time, though, they were still in their infancy.
Each of us has brought projects in their infancy to the group and projects at the final stages.
E-book technology is still in it's infancy, but holds great promise to reduce cost for students.
Though in their infancy, such tiny robots could someday be enormously useful.
From our planet's infancy the atoms that make it up have held together, even as continents have been torn apart and rearranged.
She married and had four daughters, one of whom died in infancy.
Development of the natural gas reserves in the region is in its infancy.
Roughly five inches long after their first months of growth, they face no easy path from infancy to adulthood.
The deformation must have occurred during infancy, when the victims' skull bones were soft and malleable.
They had no doctors and medical science was in its infancy in any case, so they had no way of diagnosing their illness.
The automobile was in its infancy, and few people could foresee its future.
But electric motorcycling is only in its second year, and the technology is still in its infancy.
Automatic shutters were in their infancy: expensive and unreliable.
Several products are still in their infancy, and vendors are known to exaggerate the reliability of their machines.
Her parents worked for the airline and hotel industries and she's been traveling since infancy.
Remember this business model and product offering is in it's infancy.
The technology is in its infancy and has limitations, including high cost and elaborate setup.
In an extremely overpopulated and uneducated world, more of the illiterate rapid breeding populations needs to die in infancy.
Rats are especially responsive to smells during infancy, which may help foster the parental bond.
The children were tested five times at regular intervals from infancy through preschool age.
My first research project was the determination of the sequence of nucleotides, a technique which was still in its infancy.
Research on how climate change might spark conflict is still in its infancy, and it often tends to be thin and speculative.
Autism becomes noticeable about the time that the last infancy vaccination is administrated.
Wave energy is in its infancy, and many different and novel approaches are being tried.
The research being conducted in the area of aerobic methane emissions is to put it kindly in it's infancy.
Such people rather need to recover their essential sense of belonging, a gift normally bestowed during infancy.
The biggest problem currently is the field of video gaming is still in it's infancy.
The environment of infancy may have attached importance to singing as a behavior, as was true of my origins.
In infancy it is of a brighter hue, the vascular redness being more marked.
From her infancy she exerted all her powers and strength, and made it her whole study to please him alone.
Yet for parents few common afflictions of infancy may be as difficult to endure.
Efforts to harness the sea for electricity generation are still in their infancy, though.
Internalising received statements is in its infancy.
It is a fascinating service, that is for sure, but still in its infancy.
There are some places fuel cells can compete from an efficiency stance despite the technological infancy.
He also revealed his mixed feelings about artificial intelligence, then in its infancy.
In the mid-nineteenth century, photography was in its infancy.
The science of artificial societies is in its infancy.
Prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding reduces the risk of infectious diseases in infancy.
We are at the infancy stage when it comes to predicting the transmission potential of influenza strains.
Next consider the case of a start-up, at its infancy.
For these reasons the moon has retained a record which probably goes back billions of years to the infancy of the solar system.
These efforts are in their infancy and much more can be done to extend them.
Two older brothers had died of illnesses, one in infancy and the other at age five.
Mobile phones-heavy, ugly, and expensive instruments-are in their infancy.
But we're still in the infancy stage-them getting to know each other.
The service and media industries were in their infancy.
When it does occur in infancy, scurvy can be devastating.
Those who are ignorant and apathetic obviously now belong to the infancy of our civilization.
People the world over made faces using the same basic patterns of muscle contraction, starting from infancy.
Even in infancy, boys do a little better at visual mental rotation.
Rat research is still in its infancy, but researchers are already broadening their scope in search of further insights.
Intussusception is, by and large, a disease of infancy.
The technology was still in its infancy then, and the images didn't provide much information.
But the field of conducting polymers was in its infancy and not ready for such practical applications.
There are signs of autism that can be detected as early as infancy.
In conclusion, inadequate food practices appear to be directly involved in the etiology of iron deficiency anemia during infancy.
In these times of infancy of genetic testing, there is is bound to be some potential for consumer confusion.
Perhaps there would be a critical stage during infancy in which the chips would have to be implanted.
Even now our best is nowhere good enough and quite easily put into the category of being in its infancy.
Nuclear gets a bad rap because of the disasters in its infancy.
Any cosmologist will say that the field is in its infancy.
JuJu: nah, you recalibrate everything constantly, so there's no way this could be a hangover from infancy.

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