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The fate of health care legislation is inextricably linked to the economy.
Critics say research and good teaching are inextricably linked and that separating them doesn't make sense.
The two are not mutually exclusive but inextricably intertwined.
Evolution and extinction are inextricably linked together.
Although it must be said that these two lives are inextricably linked.
Since playoffs equals money the two are inextricably connected.
Many other business sectors are inextricably linked to tourism.
In fact, emotional pain involves the same brain regions as physical pain, suggesting the two are inextricably connected.
These creatures have co-evolved with us for eons, and their biology is inextricably tied to ours.
Therefore, corporate sustainability and inclusive growth of poor people in the global marketplace will become inextricably linked.
Teaching and learning are inextricably linked in a shared process.
The economic interests of hoteliers and surrounding communities are inextricably intertwined.
Physical existence and information content are inextricably linked.
Technology is inextricably linked to progress, and progress is seldom reversed.
The rebuilders, above all, have to understand that political and economic reforms are inextricably intertwined.
The beadwork and weaving are inextricably linked, a marriage of two arts enhancing each other.
But science and politics are inextricably entwined, mostly always have been.
It's good vs evil, it's a cast of familiar characters and it's inextricably linked to the time in which it's told.
Beside these measures the solution to the debt crisis depends inextricably on the momentum of growth.
The ocean and humans are inextricably interconnected.
Deforestation is inextricably linked to low-productivity ranching.
Although he won't say that his job is his life, the two seem inextricably combined.
Cultural information is inextricably linked to the intelligence process.
His and ours are now inextricably intertwined the drama of the century unfolds.
Computers and communications become inextricably linked, each feeding the phenomenal growth of the other.
So the water and energy problems are inextricably bound up with each other.
The stock price is often inextricably linked to everyone's feeling of self-worth.
Scientists suspect that taste and memory are inextricably bound.
Image and reality were inextricably confused in these pictures, leading to the conclusion that they were virtually identical.
Economic well-being is inextricably linked to the state of society.
The fortunes of the two teams have been inextricably linked since.
The lives of these characters will be inextricably entwined by story's end.
The fate of pollinating bees and pollinated flowers are inextricably linked.
Science, knowledge, freedom and politics are thus inextricably intertwined.
But we'd do well to consider the possibility that genius may be inextricably, inherently intertwined with some degree of madness.
In a city, architecture and urbanism-and therefore politics-are inextricably linked.
Her father's future and those of his doomed characters became, for her, inextricably linked.
They forged their reputations over time in one place and are inextricably tied to single franchises.
At the community level, disorder and crime are usually inextricably linked.
Our social welfare and our health are inextricably linked.
Who he is and what he makes are inextricably linked.
The book does have a moral vision, though-one inextricably bound up with its warmth and humor.
His music is inextricably of a piece with the way he lived and thought.
The aesthetic function is always inextricably entangled with social and cultural habits.
My concern is that there are factors that seem to be not so relevant, yet are inextricably linked to what happens in the future.
Certain seasons are inextricably linked to certain sounds.
Both peoples must be understood through their specific history and accept the fact that their destinies are inextricably linked.
The state of one of these photons was inextricably linked with that of the other through a process known as quantum entanglement.
Inextricably bound up with straightforward criminal markets is a spiraling level of corruption throughout much of the world.
Thus, the evidence related to the bankruptcy proceedings was inextricably intertwined with the charged offenses.
The land and sea are inextricably connected, from the tops of the mountains to the bottom of the ocean.
Land use and transportation are inextricably linked.
Our national economy is inextricably linked to its use.

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