inexplicably in a sentence

Example sentences for inexplicably

At a birthday party for a friend, he stumbled inexplicably.
Five more towers are to rise up under plans inexplicably approved by the municipal and district authorities.
The wrong turn, the misread map, the must-see natural wonder inexplicably closed for the season.
There's something inexplicably fun about flicking wooden discs across a table.
Shots that were stroked with an air of finality now inexplicably stray into.
Probably because it was inexplicably high to start with.
Twenty minutes later, as inexplicably as it began, it stopped.
The raft with which you were exchanging merry banter moments ago can inexplicably turn on you.
It's waterproof, but inexplicably requires batteries to run.
The first signs of her illness appeared a decade ago, when she would inexplicably lose her balance and fall.
These sorts of people make lots of noise and other people inexplicably feel obligated to mollify them.
On maps it seemed to appear out of nowhere, welling inexplicably from the ground with no tributaries or side canyons.
After five minutes, the radio inexplicably crackles back to life.
At dinner, the restaurant seems inexplicably characterless.
He also inexplicably had a coil of magnet wire as well.
She is an exciting and inexplicably underrated guitarist.
She recalled being inexplicably drawn to him and the sound of his voice.
Our inexplicably buggy remote control only works correctly half the time.
He thinks the cash reserves are shrinking inexplicably fast.

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