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Or he might have been reluctant to dwell upon so strange and inexplicable an occurrence.
Though why it has to be in a hamster ball instead of a wheeled vehicle is inexplicable.
Wonderful, inexplicable and may be the only true magic minus trick and stage hands.
If to watch closely children, it is possible to find out a lot of interesting and inexplicable.
For the first time in his life and for inexplicable reasons, he began to draw.
To cross it and then to come right back-that would be entirely sufficient, would satisfy my inexplicable yet acute hunger.
These episodes can range from nightmares to mental reenactments of my injury to inexplicable waves of emotion.
What happened was so savage, and so inexplicable, that it never let her go.
What she found inexplicable and unforgivable was the excruciating delay.
The only thing more remarkable than how quickly these fortunes have arisen is how inexplicable some of them seem.
But they don't work for everybody, often for inexplicable reasons.
Those adults would likely be dismissive of any inexplicable behavior or comments by such children relating to this vision ability.
Sometimes inexplicable individuals step in and take the reins.
There had already been an inexplicable rash of rumors that the government had detected signs of an earthquake.
Three would-be customers, apparently accustomed to inexplicable delays, stood around talking cheerfully.
It was that inexplicable sympathy that one human being feels for another without any complicating digressions.
But, sometimes, it is something terribly inexplicable.

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